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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


UK, Devon South

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By Anonymous , 22-10-2007

mayyte! - tinmuff is lyke da capital of english surfin!
i was down there 2day and witnessed full on heavy 6 inch shorebreak!
proper savage!

By Anonymous , 22-10-2007

yeah - tinmuff is da capital of english surfin!
i was down ther 2day and witnessed full on mackin half a foot shorebreak!!!
proper savage!!

By U know who it is , 22-11-2006

Thats one less in line up - That red surf tec and its crazy long haired rider will be missed but our memorys of Hector dropping in on us will live on, in our hearts and in the dings he put in our boards. There will be someone to step in to his boots and I hear John is about the same size. Any way shame its been flat recently but never know could be waves soon.
Catch you cool cats on the flip flop

By A Pro BodyBoarder , 10-06-2006

you all talk crap - surfed teignmouth today saw the sad locals fighting over it and thinking they were all hard spitting foul talk and acting like co*ks! yu cant compare this wave to any wave in the UK why? because it sucks balls! like the rest of you ball lickers out there from Teignmouth! so yeah shit wave shit locals over that shit wave and shit everything else. oh apart from the girls they seemed ok ehehehehehe peace out CO*Ks! dont go jibbing out anymore hahahaha!

PS: Compare this shit to spot m? hehehe dont think so you guys dream about that place because your all too scared to think of surfing it. To you spot m is pipeline to us teignmouth is the river exe

By charger , 10-06-2006

you all talk bo*ox - i surfed teignmouth in june 2006 and the agro in 2ft surf lmfao. i got some standup pri*k gobbing off to me!!!ha ha. how can this be compared to spot m? obviously the person who write the description of the spot hasent surfed spot m. All the locals are jibbers! havent got the bottle to take on 2ft waves as i was outback with 15 people and the only one catching waves.....c*ck suckers!!!

By anonymous , 30-04-2006

Tinmuff surf off - It cannot be ignored that Tinmuff is gaining respect from the international surf community as the premier venue for critical off the slops and head dips. We propose an invitational event to anybody with a swimming cap and a floaty object to surf against the zen like skills of the Greyboy and Doctor Taps. The winner will have a barn dance held in their honour at back beach where they can show us a few futuristic moves.

By , 19-04-2006

I dont surf here in the summer - Tubemaster taps (TT) only surfs waves of consequence so tinmuf isnt an option. Now that the lifguards are back and the swell has gone its prime time for geeky grey to rule the boardwalk with his plywood belly board and leather boardies. I'll be surfing summer slabs and outer islands while you grovel in shore dump slop. Just remember Waikiki Will, the lifeguards have a job to do so dont waste their time and if your not wearing appropriate swim wear this year they wont save your sorry ass.

By waimea will , 14-04-2006

tapper you geek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - hav,nt seen you knee boarding around here lately you taken up body boarding again ........ one day you will learn to stand up and i'll be there to push you back down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By anonymous , 10-03-2006

WILL4WILL - You are both depraved and need to get a room. Old Wtaps is the most depraved however as I know for a fact that he once went for a dump in his wetsuit because he didn`t want to get out of the water and do it under a bridge like usual.

By anonymous , 08-03-2006

taps haole geek monger - i,ve heard all about the wierd surf experiments going on in southampton uni on the staff ,, strange growths shrunken members and a highly dubious preferance for knee boarding beware of drugs trials for cash or dodgy doctorates geek geek geek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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