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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Devon South


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By Anonymous , 31-12-2007

mutant wedge.... - theres a right near bantham which is pretty mutant on its day but im not sure where it is

By jam , 31-12-2007

mutant wedge!!?? - i heard of a reef that produces a pretty mutant looking wave.. like real thick barrels! anyone shed any light on that??? cheers

By Anonymous , 18-07-2007

URGENT! - startin up ma sponmsorship soon so would you please leave a comment wiv ya no. if n e of u want to try out for a sponsorship!

By Anonymous , 06-07-2007

mr questions - keep hearing of the sandbar and am wonderin when is it actually ever good and on what conditions at the first beach would it be worth a trip down to seasons point to surf it, is it when the first beach is 10ft+ faces and theres an offshore, what?

By Anonymous , 06-07-2007

Surfers paradise sponsorship! - been sniffing around wembury/bantham/chalabrough and heard a few names i like, chris, olly,matty etc. also heard of zeth. wonderin if we could meet down @ a local break to see you surf.

By zethb parsons , 08-12-2006

wembury - go and take some photos if you are looking to sponsor

By janimal , 05-01-2006

tis a mystery - why does south devon have two spots listed for pros and kamikazes only, when even the marshmallowest longboarder will only pass through the area on their way to newgay? dream the fuck on.

By anonymous , 21-10-2005

- does anyone know who took the new picture of the bodyboarder at bovi on the 15th of this month?does anyone know who the bodyboarder is? cuz i think it might be me and wouldnt mind to get a copy of the shot?adz

By anonymous , 18-10-2005

- i no of lots of absolutely awesome spot in exmouth but im not telling u any of them!

By Richie jones , 15-10-2004

New spot found!!!!! - Ive found a new secret spot for those dan and bob guys to put in there book, its called bantham its just like surfing Durban eh bru lakkka bru, me and my friends are fom Manchester studying for the next 3 years and we found it today meet you all down there again tomorrow to learn how to act and behave like our friends from Durban.

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