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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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UK, Devon North

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By Anonymous , 15-09-2008

Snakes - This is to all the longboard and any other snakes ive yet to come across at Putts. Just because you can catch waves earlier than us shortboard riders, doesnt give you the right to do it all the time, if youve just cuaght a wave and theres a set comming, let a shortboarder have it, rather than surf it again, leaving us short boarders twiddling or thumbs, you think we are out there to watch you surf? its called Eticet, share the waves, if your paddling back out, you should be last in line for a wave, not first,so take your foul mouths and get lost, you selfish hobnobs

By Filthy capitalist , 07-08-2008

Minted - £6 yes £6 to park! £6! Im slightly pissed off. £6. I aint got an Audi / BMW or spanking new T5. Shit im pissed off . £6!

By Anonymous , 23-08-2007

- I love Puts! Very good for beginners who know how to surf.

By Radman , 09-06-2007

most underated wave - Ok, so we all know what Put's like but thank god it's there for those SW winter sessions. Everybody seems to have forgotton about those fright train right barrels peeling into the rocks at low tide on a big swell, just before everyone relocates to Lynmouth.You get shacked for longer than Croyde and can nip out in the rip easy as.Pucker.

By Anonymous , 14-05-2007

- gr8 place to surf on the right day

By Anonymous , 28-03-2007

welll - puts holds a gr8 wave... think about it wen saunton and croyde are blown out there always a good wave to be had here....

By Anonymous , 25-03-2007

14ft? no 8ft - I was watchin Croyde on the so called 14ft morning and yes it was HUGE and clean and Oysters was breaking, but it was only 6-8ft. England does not get 14ft waves.

By Anonymous , 26-02-2007

14ft barrels - 14 ft barrels at putsborough .......please ignore what utter nonsense .

By dr.mong , 21-01-2007

to 'north devon surfer'.. - another word: 'shite'

By timmey :) , 09-11-2006

good - this place will be amazing if croyed and saunton are blown out, on a big swell, because of the cliff you get practily no wind and on a big day wow.
its good for longboarders and shortboarders but longboarders tend to stay out of the group at the rocks.

overall a good place to surf, but for longboarding doesnt beat saunton when its going

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