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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Devon North


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By Anonymous , 10-10-2010

travellingwilberry - yes devon might rely on tourism at the moment.....if londoners stay away, house prices will fall and local people will stay, numbers of children in schools will rise instead of closing down and local communities will grow encouraging employment not dependant on tourism. It is second home owners/city dwellers that change the dynamics of such areas

By Anonymous , 24-05-2010

Croyde vs Woolacombe - Hi - we have a surf crew heading down to either Croyde or Woolacombe for a long weekend - wanted to know where people recommended we stay in terms of where was best for the night life - we have a couple of jeeps so driving to the beaches ain't so much a thing - just want to make sure we're staying somewhere within walking distance of some nice, chilled, pubs?

By Anonymous , 07-01-2010

Surfing in Devon! - Our son tells us that surfing in Devon is quite underated! So sometimes we take spontaneous Midweek Breaks Devon and whilst he is enjoying the waves and usually wiping out in Lynmouth, we find ourselves going back to a nearby hotel that overlooks the town called Highcliffe House.

By Anonymous , 11-03-2009


By Baggins , 28-06-2005

Croyde - only 3 stars - I think you are being a bit mean giving Croyde three stars. The waves are as good as anything I've surfed in the UK or abroad. If you don't like crowds, go midweek or get up early. The biggest problem with this beach is the sewage. They must surely sort this out soon.

By Matt Fom Manly , 15-03-2005

Lost in London - I have a few notes I'd like to add to your noticeboard. I am travelling from Sydney Oz, a place called Manly which you may have heard of and am stuck in London at the moment. Keen to head to the area this weekend as they may be some chilly barrells to be had. I think that a lot of your locals need a swift kick and to go for a surf o/s in a spot like Manly. I understand that our local economy depends on tourism. I also understand that your local has the same dependance. I think that you need to try dealing with 5 or 6 different surf schools that provide surf training to loads of people (uk especially) surfing your local. I am talking about up to 600 people on the one stretch at a time dropping in on your local or just sitting in the perfect barrel spot causing you to miss out on that perfect wave of the day that just rolled through. But without the income these tourists are bringing it is obvious that the local economy will not survive. I actually hate money but think that for the general quality of life of others in my area that it is great that we have people not only bringing in income but converting to the surf industry and joining myself and my local mates in enjoying what the ocean has to offer us. I think that the locals whinging about too many travellers crowding up the breaks should rethink this idea for two points....1 - get over yourselves the ocean is everybodies to share, and 2 - Isn't it more rewarding finding a new secret spot to yourself? Go, travel, hop on a boat and go for an adventure. Who knows you may find a secret island with 8-10 foot perfect barrells off shore a couple of kilometres!!!!

By anonymous , 14-03-2005

- I agree, I'm one of those that 1) buy my gear there 2) buy my food/drink locally 3) arrange my accomadation locally 4) fill my car up locally etc etc etc. . . . i don't think the owners of shops in croyde would even open in the winter if it wasn't for travelling surfers!! Most don't in the week!! I would put my estimate of money spent in croyde/woolacombe at way over £1000 a year and rarely get troubled with a crowded lineup, middle beach is always empty!!!

By , 01-06-2004

Imbecile - You inbred moron.. Of course the local economy depends on travelling surfers. The majority of people in Devon are employed in the service industry (Shops, Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels/ B&B's/ Guest Houses etc.) or are directly effected by it e.g. Builders. I would say that your limited experience of working in a Croyde surf shop does not represent the complete picture of tourism spending for the whole of Devon

If it wasn't for the tourists (including surfers) spending around £1,000m+ a year in Devon alone I think you may very well be spending the majority of your time in a doll queue or having to move away somewhere else to work. Instead you are lucky enough to live and work where there is surf. I on the other hand have to travel for over four hours, and then subsidise a load of ingrates such as the person who posted below by paying over the odds for goods and services. If people know about secret spots, I say who gives a toss (except a few selfish wankers obviously....).

By EM , 12-03-2004

Whats the point in spoiling it - Although I know that the Stormrider guide has exposed alot of the 'secret spots' along the north devon coast I just want to know why do you have to support them in advertising the secret spots even further? Its not like the local economy depends on non local surfers as has been suggested. Most of them come down for a weekend at the most and they buy all their gear from the innercity surf shops. I used to work in a surfshop in croyde and woolacombe and 90% of people buying the clothes and the goods had no intention of going into the water. I can remember about 6 or 7 years ago when you could surf at Bucks Mills on a weekend and share it with a maximum 10 other people, you go down there now on a sunday and its rammed, and I blame the likes of those in charge of these websites and books who are just in it for a quick buck! Why dont you give us all a break and stop exposing these spots, especially the ones for more experienced surfers. I will always have this image in my head of the two dickheads I saw splashing around and cutting everyone up at Bucks Mills, They couldnt even sit on their boards let alone ride them! Have a nice day.

By anonymous , 17-02-2004

Wannasurf, maps rip off........... - Funny how these maps show the same spots as "The Stormrider Guide" you have even included the spelling mistakes.........

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