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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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UK, Cornwall West

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By Anonymous , 16-09-2007

Nigel Woodcock - hey seen a couple of posts about my dad, Nigel Woodcock,for anyone that wants to know, he is still around he now has his own yacht managment buisness, so doesnt really have time to shape anymore, however i am on the case and reckon i will have him shaping again soon! alot of nagging and gentle persuasion should do the trick! i have got him back surfing as he was away for a few years with his work but hes back in the sea now, and still ripping, hopefully it should light his fire again and make him wana shape some more boards!

anyway il keep you posted

[b]Brett Woodcock[/b]

By andy , 16-06-2007

andy ..pentire - it can be good some times epic,but most of the time its full of wannabe twats that paddel about given you the stink eye..or its on shore ... we have 1000s of miles of coast in the uk why the f..k does everyone wanna surf her.i have surfed all over the uk and the world and hate to say it but fistral has the worst guys in the east/north east are much more chilled out ..or maybe its just the cold water..ever way its a better save your petrol and the planet and go surf your nearest break .

By Patchwork , 29-05-2007

newquay - iv been going to newquay for quite a few years now, and i thought it was the one and only place to be for surfing in the south. but since going to north devon iv been totally changed u guys do have alot of nice beaches with nice surf but its the crowds of yobs ect that come down every summer, all they do is trash the beach and get pissed every night making it almost impossible to have a good night out without stepping in puke or getting a fist in ur face, i understand that its a large part of newquays economy but if any one else has the same trouble with newquay that i do i would seriously advise north devon. crantock is a lovley beach tho and ill have alot of good memorys their.

By Al , 19-05-2007

Wave Size Underestimated - The wave rating for Fistral is well underestimated. In the right conditions I've seen Fistral at 15ft and clean with nice form. The break holds up really well, its the wind that can spoil it. Add in The Cribbar on one of the days when its working, and you have a wave topping 30ft. A rating of 6ft+ is a joke!

By Anonymous , 11-01-2007

Guy Below!!! - I have lived here all my life and never write up complaining about how many people come here or what standard they are. Without them alot of people wouldnt have a job. It is so called 'locals' like the guy below that create a bad atmosphere. I always wondered what sort of jobs the guys at school would have if they couldnt read and write I know, they work in backpackers!

By Anonymous , 26-12-2006

backpacker at fistral sideshow - bollocks to guys slaggin this break of i lived here a year or two scored some sick waves and thats compaerd to saffa standerds i ratsa think u should fuk of and if wanna slag this break of go the backpaers ask sideshow and il put u on your ass peace out

By Anonymous , 29-11-2006

over rated - Fistral is so over rated. Agree with the comment below. The only reason fistral exists and remains as a tour date is because of all of the development that has now over taken the place. Its all driven by money. On a good swell any half knowledgable surfer can name a handful of other, less crowded spots along the north coast that will be breaking just as good as fistral (if not better)

By Dirk D , 09-10-2006

Agree - This place is balls. Epic by European standards??? Check out La Gravier, Supertubes, Coxos, Bundoran, Thurso, etc. They are epic. Fistral is one of the weakest beach breaks in Cornwall. If you want to surf a decent beachbreak, move to France.

By Anonymous , 02-10-2006

'Epic by european standards' - 'Epic by european standards', so are you comparing Newquay to Mundaka, Lobos, Hossegor, Portugal or perhaps just bournmouth! U clearly havn`t got a clue but I guess theres no harm in denile, kook!!

By Down with Western Australia , 06-08-2006

Fistral Compared to western Australia - This is to the guy who sent the message saying come to Australia cos its so much better than Fistral.
Do you not think we know which place is better??? Crazy fool. These are epic by European standards. Were not comparing them with Hawaii or Australia.

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