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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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UK, Cornwall South

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By Anonymous , 23-01-2008

ratboy and cabbage - this place is hardcore locals only my car got torched respect the locals because they will get you back if you drop in on them, however its a fun fast small weak wave.

By Anonymous , 16-03-2007

Froggie - Often on a warm summers evening as the sun is setting over the bay the yellow longboard surfing legend can be seen paddling out to sea, no doubt hoping to catch a rouge wave out by the Egan Lane!!

By Terry , 15-03-2007

Is the Froggie legend alive? - First I heard a friend of mine talking about a surf legend that would be living in Looe and surfing just on the sickiest days. I'm in love with this guy since I ve seen him in Pothleven on a 12' wave with a 9' yellow board. This guy got big balls, he's pretty sexy & hot. Some people says that he would have surf one of the bigest Waimea ever (45') with his longboard. Does someone know a bit more about this heroe? They told me that it's a very close friend of Laird Hamilton but there's no way to get information on that guy.

By Dorin , 06-02-2007

The Return of Bogeye! - In reference to Bogeye the seal. I and a few friends were doing a spot of Coastiering just the other side of Hannafore round by the point last Autum. We were fully checked out by mister Bogeye, he is a monster. If any of you have been swimming and he has popped up a few meters away you'll know what I'm talking about.

By Mr Smith , 06-02-2007

Fonch - I saw him at Tregantle the other day. He has aquired a rather hot lady friend who he takes surfing with him. What a legend.

By Da westside! , 06-02-2007

This place is amazing!!! - Surfed this place weekend before last. Stand up barrels and no one else out. Local crew must of missed this one. Surfed Talland Bay the week before, it was classic. Talland is where it's at! Does none else ever surf there! Cream tea after at the hotel was even better.

By tnonio baranco , 23-12-2006

i think that was fonch! - cornish people wont believe it but im quite sure ive seen the great fisherman "fonch the frog" on the east spanish located between Valencia and Alicante.was really cold this day, fonchyfrogy with his shorty springsuit teching the cornish groovy stlyle to locals people..great moment, the legend must be back in looe right now.

By john , 08-12-2006

mini teahupoo - This place is below avereage and only worth checking if every where else is blown out,not very hollow for the size of the wave and the beach has no banks so the wave normaly closes out,

By Anonymous , 01-12-2006

Fuego - I've seen Fonch (François the Frog)surfing at Looe a few weeks ago in a very heavy swell and what people say is right. He's probably the best surfer in the whole cornwall, stylish, hardcore with old and new school moves, it's a longboard freak. Big balls & no fear attitude, that's Fonch. Show him respect and he'll give it back to you.

By Anonymous , 23-06-2006

Bogeye - Seaweed Heaven Since 1911, look out for Bogeye the seal!

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