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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


UK, Cornwall North

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By Anonymous , 06-12-2009

crouton - really lookin forward to surfing here while everyone else argues in the lineup!

By Mick , 08-10-2009

Rip curl Search - This is a proposed sight for Rip Curls Search event for 2010 in oct.

By Pete , 19-12-2006

Pity for the Janimal - If you are the sad git with the long hair and the beard who used to ride the board with the cross on it and sit in the channel at millook shouting, paddling for waves then bottling it and pulling back and generally making a complete prat of yourself then I feel very sorry for you Jan. On this site you make yourself out to be some charger who has pioneered 3/4s of the waves in the south west. Grow up mate! ALL the waves round the North Cornwall and Devon coast were surfed years ago by people with a huge amount more talent and commitment than you, and the difference is these guys did it without mouthing off about how great they are! I have just looked at this website because a friend of mine said what a complete load of bollocks you had been spouting on here and you are on EVERY BLOODY PAGE for just about every beach in the south west. Jan grow up mate!!! You are embarrassing yourself, you are arguing with little kids who are too young to drive to the beach and city boys!!! As for you backdooring Trevone Reef at 8 foot, well I don't think we even need to go there do we?????

By Anonymous , 07-11-2006

- na, only took me 1 minute out of interest. yeh, 5 second visit....rite you are.

By janimal , 04-11-2006

haha - sounds like you've already spent a lot more time on this site then me. boom, there goes another 5 second visit. bye!

By Anonymous , 31-10-2006

wat a sad twat. - i have just looked back 2 the first page of wannasurf, and janimal has been posting constantly for 4 years. that is one of the saddest things i have ever seen. you mite av 2 leave the computer room for more than 10 mins one day janimal.

By Grayman , 11-10-2006

Ha! - All I know is that last post by Janimal made me laugh!

By janimal hurhurhgurhur , 05-10-2006

alimentary - why thank you for your erudite contribution, my luminary friend. please return soon so as we can engage in more of this deeply satisfying and lofty discourse. the picture sir paints of himself is a far finer manifestation of the dichotemy of low intellectual capacity and monosyllabic vocabulary than a man of my modest literary talents could ever have conceived to conjour. i bow to you in gratitude and humility, you twat.

By Anonymous , 29-09-2006

- no-one gives a fuck. shut up, no one pays any attention 2 u, or believes u.

By janimal , 23-09-2006

lions dem hungry - thats all very well but god aint the one being dropped in on and snaked. if you feel like you'r hated here maybe you need to come across differently. having said that, though, last thursday was the best day in years and it was utterly ruined by long standing locals being tossers, and paddeling in regardless. i've been surfing here 10 years or so - not as long as some, i know, but long enough not to have to take 8 drop ins in a row. don't these guys understand they're turning their own back yard into a nightmare? if thats how it'll be fuck the lot of you. i'm off down the coast. uluwatu with 125 people in is less hassely than this place with 20 in. same size takeoff zone. go figure.

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