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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


UK, Cornwall North

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By Mel (M) , 06-05-2007

Kayaker - reply to Mr/Master(or Mrs/Miss)An Onymous. You`ve got a strange name, are there any more kayaker/surfers with strange names like you surfing there dodo?

By anonymous , 18-10-2006

kayaker - hey, does any1 kayak at this place because it awsome! there is a rock which i often score, absolutely brilliant. other kayakers that surf here might know me, so comment back!

By Devonhead , 01-10-2006

fooking hate closeouts - Me and a mate recently bodyboarded here, ffs my brain got scrambled from getting closedout so many times. Its fun but i cant see why surfers bother cos the drop is pretty lary, and it rarely peels.

By Anonymous , 20-09-2006

abuse? - what's with all this abuse? If you don't like Cornwall, the Cornish, or pasties then it's simple, then don't come here, go home and try and surf on the Thames.

harlyn is not a joke if you know when and how to surf it, as you obviously don't.

And to be fair most of us will be pleased if you don't bother with the 'half assed closed out slop' as you're the reason it's crowded and we may just be surfing somewhere better you don't know about anyway.

Leave your bad attitude at home and get on with it like most people seem to be able to.

By Anonymous , 25-06-2006

KERNOW - This wave is a joke just like you pastie munchin inbreads

By janimal , 12-03-2006

eh? - i'm still trying to make sense of your garbled english. something about posters and beads? nevermind. maybe you were a little drunk when you posted or maybe you're just fuckin thick. yes, it will be nice and empty for you because i and thousands of others won't be bothering for the half assed closed out slop this place has to offer. or maybe it won't be quiet, because it seems to be rammed everytime i pull up for a j. one way or another, come monday, make sure you get yourself to school and listen well, because your grammar needs some work my friend.

By anonymous , 09-01-2006

If its so bad!! - lads who cares about photo's of waves why not just surf them!!! harlyn does generally clos out at certain stages of tide but it also can be a very punchy little wave. jamil (or what ever your name is) who are you? you seem to have a lot to say about surfing and wavesking in cornwall (pra sands page) may be your from up country and have a nice little office job, with posters of surfers and waves on your wall, and on friday you tell every one that your going surfing (cos you where beads and quiksilver cloths) but really you go home a slag off people who do actually surf (in the sea). Any way next time its big and there is a SW on it the line should be empty then these more for me.PRICK.

By janimal , 05-01-2006

???? - is this one of those existential quizzes, like does a falling tree make a noise if there is no-one thee to hear it? this place is shit whether there are cameras on the beach or not. the cameras and pics don't matter, its the sandbars, you know, the ones that align in perfect parralell with the shoreline to form the ultimate closeout.

By anonymous , 02-01-2006

janimal - people can only take pics when they bring their camera along so how the hell does that make it the best harlin can get?????

By janimal , 09-12-2005

si - depends on what your idea of a barrel is, doesn't it? never seen one here personally.

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