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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Constantine reef

UK, Cornwall North

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By freinds of the earth , 17-09-2006

Lost fin - Surfed the reef. Lost a fin! RLLY RLLY HURT MY ANKLE. BOO YER!

By Anonymous , 11-07-2006

- twat

By janimal , 08-07-2006

boo-hoo, nobody wants me... - actually everyone i know who knows the difference between a wave and a pile of sloppy arsewater is complaining. constantly. and as for fucking off to another country, i do as often as i can, for the waves but also to get away from buttmunchers like you. i'm sure i'll be crying over your rejection of me the next time i'm pulling into a phat one in alas purwo....not.

By anonymous , 07-03-2006

- if you think all the waves in england are shit janimal, fuck off to some country elsewhere. no one else is complaining, and no one wants you here neway.

By anonymous , 08-02-2006

Toby Atkins - I can not belive that this So called local is still hanging around, he is an aussie dick head who can not cope with the contest scene over there so comes here and complanes about the waves Go home Yes go Home.

By janimal , 27-01-2006

real deal, eh? - well,ok - if you call bude up country that is. at least there's a few reefs here, so i can make the most of what little surf there is. you can't deny the fact that while plenty of places offer flawless barrels in warm water for months on end, cornwall does have shit freezing cold surf for the majority of the time. if you can't see that then you're the one who's deluded. so how well travelled are you? have you ever actually left europe, let alone the uk? as for the office job and the fat chicks - enjoy your fantasies and wavewank magazines. for my own part i'm not too proud to admit that the best thing a british surfer can do is get abroad - anywhere.

By anonymous , 22-01-2006

I can confirm that as well. - Talking to a bloke the other day and he was talking about this site and this janimal dude. Apparently he met him once and he was a complete kook and was desperate to get in on the scene. How he knows i know not.

By the real deal , 10-01-2006

Janimal is from up country!!! - I have it firm terms that JANIMAL is from up country and has an office job where he tells all the fat chicks and the cleaner he is a real surfer riding those big waves like on the tele, in fact he is so deluded that he thinks that cornwall in general, is crap for surf. This man is an expert on surfing so much he learns all the break names from wavelegth so he can hold a semi conversation on the matter. 10ft, mate your a foney stick to what you know, driving a nova SR with burberry seats. Stop coming here if its so shit (thats if you actually do). there are alot of people in cornwall who are well traveled (including me) and we say that the surf here may not be perfect 6 foot barrels all the time but its surf none the less. Get it now!!

By janimal , 18-12-2005

aha monsignor jimbo - we meet again - now i know how a fisherman feels when he lands a 50lb-er!!
just for the record, only winding people up occasionally would show a complete lack of commitment. besides, i have the time on my hands, because the surf is complete shit all over this stinky country for about 340 days of the year. oh yeah, and i think my surfing sucks, which doesn't stop me enjoying myself marvellously when i'm surfing 10 foot moneytrees. its all about the stoke. anyway, no need for me to feel bad cos lets face it - this is a country of kooks. i've been in the water with a few people who surf to an absolutely mezmerizing standard, and none of them were even from europe let alone cornwall. btw do you surf millook? come and drop in on me some time and set me straight. oh yeah, do you realise you've named yourself after a self confessed aussie goat shagger? google it if you don't believe me.

By jimbo , 11-12-2005

janimal - if janimal has come on here to wind people up why does he do it on every wave comment box, generally if you were going to wind people up u may do it once for a laugh but it must get boring doing it on every wave, about 5 times. all that time wasted janimal when u could be charging 15ft connies, because it gets to 15ft quite alot doesnt it!!. no actually u wouldnt you'd be sat on ur pc commenting on how good you are. your so cool janimal i wanna be like u!

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