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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Cornwall North


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By Anonymous , 22-03-2008

- still hundreds of sick breaks left in the uk which havent been posted on this website! take a road trip and you might just get some some of the glassy stuff to yourself.

By Sam , 14-02-2006

- The bloke below is obviously an absolute dick. wat a generalisation. ur the sad one mate if anyone is.


SOPHIE - hey dude dont call all english people coz they can surf as good as anyone else k i mean i luv to surf and im english OK

By mr titty touch , 07-10-2005

this is all a load of old balls - this site is wank!!!giving away secret spots and stuff, i bet most of the spots dont even exist anyway!!surfing in this country has now changed forever,its a small island for folks sake!the main breaks are crowded enough now even when we try to explore its still crowded...tinternet is rubbish..

By anonymous , 07-03-2005

- English people cant surf and have shitty attitutes. They all wanna talk and live up the image but in the water they aint shit. ( accepted that the older generation have a few real water men but the young guys are just dicks)

By , 26-09-2004

Crackington Haven - A top beach when it's windy on the exposed beaches. Massively high cliff on the north side and good left and right breaks. No good at high tide but best surf on the push low to mid tide. Always very quiet and can be surfed midweek in summer even with glassy clean waves and no-on elese will be there cos they're all mincing in the line up at Widemouth. Good car park and cafe (Nicks' apple pie). In general, a top Cornish beach that never gets overcrowded.

By , 15-07-2004

TODOS ME LO MAMAN - Soy venezolano y todos me maman el huevo por europeos noobs surfenado lleco 7 años en el deporte y jamas habia visto gente tan noob como uds

By Visiting surfer , 28-06-2004

- Theres only tension because of idiots like you. Why not wind your neck in for once? You get the winter waves mostly to yourselves afterall. There's nothing wrong with this site, it's good for planning surf trips, get over it.

By JC, Bude , 10-03-2004

no title - Just looked at this site for the for the first time to see which spots have been blown that have been passed on by word of mouth for years when surfers had earned the respect of their peers, and proved their competence. The bitching over spots on the message boards is embarassing to any self-respecting surfer but this site is reponsible for an increase in local attitudes in the last few years, certainly in the Bude area. Previously visiting surfers who paddled out got no grief. Now people are becoming more protective of spots due to attitudes of visiting surfers with little regard for surfing etiquette, or any basic respect for the people who have surfed these spots for years. No wonder there is tension.

By , 30-01-2004

Seriously, - I have got enough material from Minehead right the way around to Poole, the whole SWCP path. Problem is, Dorset is a BIG mission to get to and allthough having some good breaks, everything between there and Brixham is 90% total rubbish. I also still have some gaps in my knowledge. Namely the far end of Dorset, about 2 miles on the Lizard, need to look around Portreath again on a big swell. About 2 half mile stretches up by Hartland. I'm personally just after the knowledge for exploration/stoke reasons. Even though it is all written down, I would never publish it. Mainly because I wouldn't want to blab about cetain spots I have found. Not because I have any respect for any of the "locals" found on this site. I discuss my findings freely with whoever has some detail which might help me. Have found some epic waves and it's good to share crazy breaks with hillwalker types. People who bother. My efforts to contact such people have resulted in a lot of abuse so in order to wind them up, I have been talking about "The Book" which has got people spitting and swearing. What a laugh? Anyway, I'm just interested in all those spots with no crowds which break once every 5 years after a force 13 gale. There are some classics.

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