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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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UK, Channel Islands

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By Johnny , 04-12-2003

NO NO NO NO (Just joking) - Cheers Baggy, if that message was from you but it sounds like JC. yeah your right fuck the inter island bullocks JERSEY CREW RULE. any of you boys from the euros would be welcome in the Guernsey lineup anyday, and if you did get any shit chances are the guys are kooks (no names mentioned). see you boys in a few weeks.

By anonymous , 28-11-2003

Message from the Jersey Crew - Johnny Wallbridge and Tom Hill were bloody legends at the Eurosurf Comp in Gran Canaria. Good blokes, solid surfers and a hit with the Spanish ladies. To slag 'em, you must either be jealous or have ya head stuck up ya bum. While I'm at it ... please lets fuck any inter-island rivalry off ... its irrelevent.


By anonymous , 02-11-2003

no title - whats the difference between vazon surfers and portnifer surfers ?

By Andy Torode , 18-10-2003

Annonymos Vazon cockheads - To the people who've been leaving messages without leaving their names, bad mouthing other people who surf at vazon, you know who you are, have you sad pricks got nothing better to do apart from write about other people who are obviously far better at surfing than you are or will ever be. Names could be named but I won't embarras you any more than you've already embarrassed yourselves. Next time you get the urge to open your mouths without thinking first, why don't you change your minds and get back to warming up your rosy palms wanking to cheap internet porn, you sad computer poindexters!
Get a life pricks!!!
P.s - stay at vazon you fucking loosers!!!


your not the one to talk about courage - whoever anonymous is giving the shit is a fuckin pussy, not because you dont like me but cause you are afraid to leave your name. I dont think that i have ever made a claim that i rip (shows how well you know me) there a loads of guys who are better than me just in Guernsey like Rob, Hillbilly, Andy and Sturdy just to name a couple so why the FUCK would i go round saying i rip, just surf cause you enjoy it. its not a fuckin comp!!! you pussyclad muthafucker!!! all i can say is that i put my money on the fact that you are a vazon boy, and probably a longboarder, or you dont like to surf in the winter cause it gets a bit to cold.

By anonymous , 19-08-2003

Never said he didnt - Johnny Walbridge rips for a Guernsey boy but he's still a cock. A mouth bigger than his courage.

By anonymous , 25-05-2003

whatever - Johnny wallbridge does rip

By anonymous , 16-05-2003

no title - Like every other wave in Guernsey it's full of no hope, pretentious wnakers like Johnny Wallbridge who think they rip. Welcome to cock head heaven! Not all the guys are r soles though look for the ones takin da pish and make friends.

By anonymous , 04-07-2002

winds - this wave also handles a ssw wind .Can suffer from to high a tide.When the swell is to big a left comes of suck reef and then makes toghter side close out.

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