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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Tynemouth longsands

UK, Borders and NE England

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By Anonymous , 18-11-2007

- uk and north east coast is full of sharks. most species are harmless tho. i heard about blyth like. i think its true. wasnt there something one the news a couple of years ago or was it a hoax??

By Anonymous , 30-10-2007

SHARKS - yes there are sharks at tynemouth. there is a water outlet up the tyne near shields that pumps out warm water. this sometimes attracts sharks to the area. Same used to apply at blyth when the power station was there.

By moody rippa , 01-07-2007

crowds................. - This says there are no crowds at Longsands, tynemouth!
Give me a break! at the weekend it's man soup, full of fuc*in millions of longboarders sitting out back and takin all the decent waves. Also gets crowded during the week, especally during the summer. Go else where if you can be bothered, unless you like crowds and poor surf!

By Anonymous , 11-06-2007

Sharks in UK - Dont think theres any sharks in UK, think there have been like all of 2 sightings ever down on the far south coast, its too cold for them round here I think. Theres not been any shark attacks - ever in UK - so Im told.

By OzMag , 27-12-2006

- oh yeah and are there sharks round tyne or any of the uk for that matter?

By OzMag , 27-12-2006

???? - Are you guys kidding me? are there really waves round newcastle? im from oz but have british background most of my family are geordies, when i come back is it worth bringing my board? what type of consitensy is it over there i.e once a week ? ... once a month? if anyone could answer that would be great oh an' TOON TOON BLACK N WHITE ARMY !

By Anonymous , 25-11-2006

point surfer - tynemouth is ok somedays shit the otherdays hardly ever holds up in size but tynemouth point is a diffrent place all together its one of the fastest drops ive ever takin and once your on it its time to kick out or you will get slammed by the next wave but piece of advise dont paddle out on and longboard unless your decent. defenatly not a place to miss

By anonymous , 20-12-2005

Longboarders - Longboarders sit way out back catching all the waves at tynemouth, its generally a shit break anyway with the peaks moving about all over the place. Leave this crap break for the longboarders and their big beer guts

By anonymous , 28-10-2005

North East Grommit - Just moved from Whitby to Tynemouth. Solid wave down the end of the beach near the pier think it's called sharpness point loved every wave.

By anonymous , 16-01-2005

help - g'day im a surfin aussie and come over 4 holls in ur winter i stay in around wigin and liverpool were r the closest wave? how about blackpool area?

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