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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Hartlepool - steetley

UK, Borders and NE England

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By Anonymous , 26-02-2009

watch out!!!! - Do not park at the pier/chimney! Little pikey charver scum will rob from your car. I was broken into watch out. This is a dogy area..better to park on the headland and walk.

By Anonymous , 23-08-2008

peace and love mannnnnnn - Just a note to say howdeeeee to all those who want to travel the short distance to the easy to find hartlepool, get yourself here, over 5 mile of surfable coast, so unless hundreds of people come here theres always a quiet place to surf, and the hartlepool guys like anyone who knows us, are a chilled out bunch who arent fussed and just wanna have a laff with eachother in the water whether its 6 inches or 6 feet.

By Anonymous , 23-08-2008

steetley crack - load of bollocks! get in, dont get in, i dont care. if your from out of town it will be worth the trip, less of the arguing just get in and enjoy it, too much bullshit is spoiling surfing round here, theres not many of us so called locals so sharing the the waves now and again isnt a hardship.

By Grant Stockport , 01-09-2007

We still ride! - me n 2 of my guys still ride the old cement factory, go there as often as we can, seaton has miles of crappy sand with needles broken bottles and old fires to walk past before you even get your feet wet!. i love surfing headlands and marske too, saltburn is too over-rated. you get loads of kids on hired boards screamin and shouting n getting in your way!....GET SURFIN HEADLANDS PPL! ...peace.

By Anonymous , 09-06-2007

security hassles - just a quick bit of info for anyone passing thru here. If you park at the steeple/chimney you risk getting broken into. Loads of litle charvas on stolen mopeds hanging around so use yer heed. The abandoned site is earmarked for housing so this situation should improve. i heard they are pulling the pier down which would be a shame for the banks and the heritage.

By simon athey , 20-08-2006

Chu you obviosly have lost the plot - if you had read my web site properly you would have realised that the first shop i was talking about was the caravan that used to be next to the staincliffe hotel in seaton. the fact that you think i would even think about dismissng nor-easter is an insult...

By chu , 15-06-2006

re simon athey - you know the hedland was always the spot to surf and dont forget those who put you there in the water such as mick and audrey, owners of noreaster,you know the one you described as a sort of surf shop on your web site (only shaped boards, promoted sport by introducing people to surfing often at own expence,would collect you just so you could get to the beach,SO CALLED I THINK NOT). so steetly has shut down still works (seen it recently). what about the baskets, marine drive, grinders and the point on occasion.perhaps you prefer seaton as it was the location of your so called shop or maybe it was that you have an audience there for your ego.i aint surfed in 8 years but still check it out when in hartlepool sad to see empty waves with none of the old boys and girls outhere.Surfing died when they left and noreaster became a buisness mick and audrey put hartlepool on the map especialy the headlnd.dont dismiss it.

By Simon Athey , 17-05-2005

Chill People - Tio the guy who wrote this message, you obviously dont surf there very often, if you did you'd know there are quite a few guys that surf there, you'd also know that since the works at steetly closed down they no longer pump the water back out to sea, therefore not creating the sand bars that used to form and give us epic waves, but your right about the waves around there, they are good all the way along the headland, and as for the local guys sellingout.. try travelling about 2 mile through town to Seaton Beach, thats were you'll find us most of the time, ore shelter from those damn northerly winds we get lots of

By anonymous , 13-07-2004

What? - What do you mean? I didn't write it but it isn't rubish! I have surfed there before.

By Eddie le Pew , 04-04-2004

Utter Rubbish - Who wrote this rubbish?

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