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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Blyth beach

UK, Borders and NE England

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By ? , 20-10-2005

Blyth or Tynemouth - On a northerly swell if its working at Blyth then its gonna be bigger at tynmouth, but if its working at Tynmouth its gonna be packed there, with a few non too friendly locals spoiling the day.

Blyth is always a more sociable spot and on its day can work well.

By anonymous , 07-12-2003

blyth - yesterday and today the surf is pumping

By anonymous , 16-09-2003

Need some help - I just moved into newcastle and am looking to start surfing, been surfing a few times before but still a total beginer, looks like it might be good to learn on the east coast, much easier than thuso in winter thats for sure......any advice would help. cheers..

By anonymous , 03-07-2003

Dunes Behind The Beach - Gay Cruising Area - It is worth noting that the dunes behind the beach are a well known local gay cruising area. You should have little trouble during the day, but if you're there near to dusk and are getting changed, AND are not discreet, you may attract more attention than you bargained for, (especially if you've got a good surfers body).

By anonymous , 12-12-2002

poo and parking - a while back i heard that the council were going to introduce a paying parking scheme at Blyth . However i feel that they should shovel up some shit off the pavement there before they do anything like that . No one wants to pay to step outta the car and cake there shoes in crap.

By anonymous , 09-12-2002

I agree - I'am a jet-skier and I agree that most jetskiers are fools. I have only been riding for one season and have been shocked by some of the antics of people up there. My mate and I always launch and head up towards the top end near the pier. I do also surf and respect surfers and I agree jet skiers should stay well clear, if we ever see surfers we always head in the opposite direction. In my defense not all jet skiers are fools.

By jet ski hater , 05-12-2002

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh - The petrol heads blast aroound thinkin they it because they can pull on the throttle and pull a jump off a wave.
They have absoloutly no respect for others in the water and have occasionaly nearly took out a surfer or two after nearly landing on them after a jump.
They chop up the water and treat the surfers and kayakers like an assualt course.
the surfers and kayakers get on cause they respect each other buut they push it so far that on the odd occasion they have been told to f off. If there gonna go in the water at least have the respect to keep away. Its a lot harder to surf and catch a wave than it is to be an utter selfish petrol head and piss everyone off.

By , 05-12-2002

What! - Blyth beach is a far better break on a good day than tynemouth and it is far less populated when a good swell is running, i am a kayak surfer and find that the break in blyth gives a far longer ride than in some areas, and another thing jet skis should by las stay at least 50ft away from us so f off

By anonymous , 02-12-2002

Jet Ski - The north end of South Beach is a great place for jet ski-in,I agree that it may not be the best place for surfin but if you're an advanced jet skier you can have great fun, riding and jumping off the waves. I hope this can continue as I have herd that people are trying to get jet ski-in banned at South Beach, why I do not know. If jet skiers are banned the only other option is Tynemouth as it also has easy launching facilities, However I do understand that Tynemouth is a respected surfing beach and in all fareness the surfers were there first.

By Adam , 12-11-2002

watch out... - ...for the dog turds, bird shit and all your stuff (keep it hidden in the car). Always smaller here than further south. Stick to Tynemouth.

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