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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By nadia , 01-09-2007

- I´m visiting from San Diego to stockholm this monday, is the any surf and how can i find a surfboard?

By Anonymous , 10-08-2006

Nord - Check out There you'll find all the info you need!

By kristofer , 25-07-2006

hola! - hej! i live in mexico and going to study in sweden for a whle, ive done some research but theres nothing like local knowledge, so any help is accepted,by the way, im going to vasteras , well thanks in advance!
espero su respuestA!adios

By Pel`e , 02-03-2006

Addis watch out! - I'm coming to steal your waves bro!!!!

By anonymous south american , 18-06-2005

photo 13 - is photo number 13 true?...looks very nice to me..that left looks good, fun size too.

By Hana, , 15-05-2005

sufergirl looking for waves - Tjena,
I am from czech republic, live close to Gävle now ,moved here 6 months ago.Started surfing in costa rica,while travelling round the world.Am in sweden now for 2 years and looking desperately for surf and infos:where to surf,when,where to get gear,surf mates and so on....really gratefull for all help.
See ya there,tack HANA

By Loose Bolts , 09-04-2005

Surfing in Stockholm this summer... - Hi Vince,
I am afraid the surf season at Torö starts September - October (full, very thick wetsuit recommended ;-).
You can, however, surf two times a day in the Archipelago when the huge passengerferries to Finland pass by. Illegal and somewhat dangerous but the most fun you can have with a surfboard in Stockholm.

By , 04-04-2005

why are there never 13 year old kids there surfing - 13 years old and i surf toro alot all this winter and summer. how come there are no kids there .it is always one kid and that is me and grownups there and some times
they look at me and think whata hell is there a kide and can he surf.

By vince , 01-02-2005

is there surf? - i will be back in stockholm this summer. is there anywhere to surf?

By dana , 24-08-2004

wetsuit - youll need 6mm wetsiut hooded, and 7 mm gloves and booties, the surf is best when its cold, however this weekend was torö working for 4 days straight, headhigh waves, 20 degress in water and some sunshine, cant believe its sweden

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