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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Anonymous , 01-04-2010

Aussie in Malmö - Hey guys, Im living in Malmö at the moment and missing the waves badly.. Any good spots someone can recommend.. but most importantly.. is there anywhere i can hire some gear.. I didnt really think to pack my wetsuit and board..
is it possible to hire a wetsuit?
Any help is help.

By Jay , 30-01-2009

Sweden - Hy Dudes, I will do an Erasmus to sweden next year, y will cm in summer (feb-jun). Anybody knows if the water it's so cold and what kind of suitwear de you need?
thanks regards, from spain

By Kasper , 14-01-2009

Surf-mates in Gothenburg - Hello

I'm doing a exchange in Gothenburg this spring (jan-may) and thinking of bringing my board with me. I know the waves are not that good in Gothenburg, but they are better than here in Finland.

It would be cool to find some surfers to go surfing around the area and share petrol costs(unfortunately I don't have a car). So if anybody's up for some surf, contact me.

och samma på svenska


By Anonymous , 11-08-2008

Norway - Any spots further north towards Oslo?!

By Jono , 21-09-2006

Ozzies! - Yes Howzit okes, surf starved South African here. Im staying down south in Malmö waiting for my board to come up, heard from locals about ‘Vik’ in Skåne, they say its pretty descent by Swedish standards, sort of what you make in the bath after a big fart but fair enough.. will head down there to see for meself sometime.

Shot okes, will take you up on that, let us know if you ever around Malmö and ill give a shout if up there. If theres no surf theres always beer and schapps, im ticking them off on a list as i go along



By roger , 01-09-2006

surfs up fuckers - hey there jono we are in uppsalad an would love a surf: 4 ozzy lads... do you know anywhere?

By Jono , 08-08-2006

??? - Anyone know of any descent barrelling waves in Sweden?



By , 03-06-2006

surf in sweden - i cant spell cause is 4am and im working in a shit hole

By , 03-06-2006

surf in sweden - theres quite a few standing river waves in sweden...if you know where to look. they very in size depending on snow melt levels etc.......bodyboarded a new one last week about waist to shoulder height and very fun.
if you only knew where...muahahahah
im guessing i gave to much away if that aussie on here is the one i spoke to on the phone a few weeks ago...however crowds are hardly going to be a problem when the 5 swedes with me all chickened out.


ps: they are all have a dig on monday night...if u want in and live in jamteland then email me.

By anon , 12-02-2006

Summer Surfing - I'll be spending next summer in Sweden. I'm only a beginner but I was wondering what the waves are like around June/July?

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