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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Darren , 15-10-2004

Surfin in bilbao/ france - Hey out there, i am staying in barcelona for a few months and would like to make a trip soon to bilbao, sna sebastian , france ... somewhere i can find some fun wave, a good vibe and have a good time... can anyone suggest best spots or a way to get conditions thx

By , 28-06-2004

I FIND IT PERPLEXING - i find this astonishing that you dont include canary islands in the guide tu surfers meanwhile it has some of the best beaches in the whole of spain. ROLLO, EL FRONTON, etc... PLEASE i would appreciate if you could add this spots and the canary silands to your web page

By Andre - Portugal ( , 15-04-2004

Surfing seasons - Hello everybody, I was planning this summer to explore the shout coast of spain, specially andalucia. Can anyone please tell me wich are the best months to catch some waves there. Is there any waves arround july or august? or its normaly flat?? thanks & good waves all *

By curious university student , 11-04-2004

Distance from Sevilla to surf - How long of a commute is it from Sevilla to any surfable beaches in Andalucia?

By :) , 15-03-2004

webmaster of the wannasurf universe - you so funny

By webmaster , 15-03-2004

Surf Site - I have wiped all the political messages (the good, the bad and the ugly...) - as this is a surf site not a political forum. That’s just the way it is on an undemocratic website. Oh and I left the last one, since I agree with the sentiments. I gusess I'll have to delete my own message now if I don't want to be hypocritical as well as tyranical ;-)

By In the Face of Terrorism , 15-03-2004

Spain - You Have Crumbled... - While I cannot claim a strong opinion as to which candidate deserved to win the election, it is terribly unfortunate that the terrorists of this world will now have good reason to believe that their actions can negatively influence elections. I predict this will not be the last election week major terrorist act in the democratic world - all nations must somehow improve security without compromising freedom or the terrorists really will have won!

By CANUCK , 01-11-2003

First off anybody who has ever wanted to go down to ALICANTE and explore the great South of Spain will be surpirsed by ALICANTE. I was down in ALICANTE in the 2rd week of October and was pleasantly surprised at what big waves they had(up to 2 m). Theer are no touris around so catching a plane from anywhere in EUROPE(ie for instance is cheap and efficient.
Bring your suit and get ready to surf!

By anonymous , 09-10-2003

spain - i`ve been to spain and i loved it grate place for Holiday and i loved the food and also the night life its fantastic!
i will go back again very soon

By , 10-09-2003

south spain surf - are you going south to surf??contact us in barbate.@nit@

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