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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Anonymous , 12-08-2008

surfing in costa del sol - Hi - does anyone know if you can book surfing lessons somewhere in costa del sol?

By Anonymous , 10-08-2008

surf board rental - any recommendations for renting a board? Madrid? Somewhere in Galicia?

By MC , 08-08-2008

Surfing in spain - Who said its crowded? Have been on the North coast for a few weeks and there is lots of room in the water. I have all day to surf so try to stay out when the local guys have finished work - no skin off my nose really. And you are in the water by 8.00am its a very lonely place..

By Anonymous , 22-08-2007

Any surf to be had in Alicante or nearby? - I am off to Alicante next summer (AUG 2008) and want to take the opportunity to do some bodyboarding. Cant find any English language site concering conditions/course/surf centres in the area, can any one help please?



By Anonymous , 25-05-2007

ruahatu - Spots in Spain are always extra-ultra-insanely-mega-crowded.... Ewww... anywayzzzz tho gotta say that Spain definitely is the best place for surfing in f***ing Europe.... What i wanted to say, stay at your home ppl and dont gonna plan a trip to Europe

By , 30-04-2007

Summer time in the E S P - For the most part. The waves in july are the smallest and least consistant of the whole year. But, that doesnt mean there arent waves. They will be small. Waist to shoulder high. But i did get lucky last july and had waves double overhead. Your best bet is to stay in Galicia. There are are probably a hundred surf spots all within driving distance of eachother. And only half are widely known about. The locals are cool granted you have some respect. And the beaches are great. I would bring a short board and a 3 2. You could bring a semi gun and a 4 3 suit but you will probably never use them. But then again, who ever knows. If you need info read up on wannasurf and has good local info for galicia.

By Andrew , 05-03-2007

Summer Swells? - Hi Im thinking about trekking to Spain in July for some surfing, what are the conditions like at this time of year? If anybody can help that would be great

By , 21-02-2007

Moving to northern coast of Spain! - Hello everybody, I am California student currently located in Florence Italy unil May 4th. After school I am planning on making the trek up to Northern Spain for the excellent surf. I am looking for cheap rent, even if the room is run-down and not of the best quality. If anyone could direct me to anything or anyone willing to rent me a room from mid may to mid june, that would be fantastic. Any help would be much, much appreciated. Thank you.

By Paco "Curacao" , 09-11-2006

Malaga Surfing - I grew up in Malaga, but did most of my surfing in Cadiz and different parts of Portugal, Canary Isles, and Australia.
The truth is that if you only have two weeks of vacation and are betting all your cards on getting some great surfing, then Malaga might not be the place. The good news is that malaga is a great geographical bridge between good surfing and good snowboarding, due to its close proximity to Sierra Nevada (Granada) and the Atlantic Coast of Cadiz, Portugal and Morocco.
Now, with all fairness, it is important to mention that when the Levante kicks in the Mediteranean pond, Malaga's beautifuly varied coastline gets pounded with "A" class Waves. Levante swells in the Mediteranean can last anywhere between a couple of hours to sometimes a week. The months of July and August are usually the worst months of the year for surfing in Malaga due to the lack of strong forming Low Presures in the Mediteranean. The good news is that during these months Malaga celebrates its colourful culture with with village parties and city fairs.
Surf Spots to keep an eye on when Levante kicks in:
When there is Levante Swell, go to Puerto Marina (Benalmadena Costa) and surounding beach breaks. Another intersting break is "Playa de Torrequebrada". Taking the coastal Highway towards Fuengirola there are several small beach coves that produce some perfect waves. One that stuck in my mind was Playa la Perla, a.k.a Chiringo next to "Torremuelle". Other good spots can be found in Fuengirola, such as "Playa del Chino" and "playa del Castillo".
If the Levante Swells aren't present, keep your eyes open for strong "Poniente" Winds that blow from the Atlantic ocean. There are many Malaga beaches that work with Poniente Winds. These are: Faro de Calabura, and Playa de Cabo Pino.
Malaga is a beautiful city that offers many great outdoors experiences to anybody that wishes to visit her.
Malaga surfers are very protective of their beaches and surf spots. Please respect the locals and keep the beaches clean, most importantly have fun.

By Anonymous , 22-10-2006

andalucia , great waves - sick waves i had in andalucia, stayed at the surf lodge safari, cadiz. you get a surf trip a day which included in the price. to the best beaches, el palmar, roche, canos de meca , normally for 4-5 hours. steve took us to many of the best breaks. after we all had enough we went back to the villa, if you still had enough energy we just went to the local beach which i was surprised to find great waves with only a few guys.

evening we went into the town, el pueto de santa maria, riddled with traditional spanish bars and pubs, serving great food and open to the early hours. check it out

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