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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Pais Vasco


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By Trelawney II , 12-11-2003

Big Up my Celtic Brother - Same as Cornwall and England. Different subspecies to the English, different flag, different facsists (Londoners), same breed. Same situation, being fucked over by the country you happen to be stuck to. Kernow forever.

By taz , 12-11-2003

fuck fascism - fisrt their not a minority, they have their own language and they are not spanish people, spanish wants to own the pais basque but that' s never gona happen cuz euskal herria liberazioa and resistencia..........thanx to every basque people that made me understand how hard is livin and fightin against the pression .........e.h. respect forever

By Tommie Curren , 03-09-2003

no title - Thanks for your welcoming message Portu. Please note that the Basque Country is *fully* part of Spain. My personnal guess is that it is not going to change...a few nazis representing a minority killing innocent people are not going to change anything.
Kind regards

By Portu , 03-09-2003

Surf here - First, Basque Country it is not spain.
After this political explanation Bong, I recommend you places like Gros and Zarauzt in Gipuzkoa, and Sopelana and Bakio in Bizkaia. Those are beach-breakes and have several picks with not too big waves.
Have good waves and wellcome to the BASQUE COUNTRY.

By Benz , 11-07-2003

Surfshops - Hi!

I was just wondering if there are any surfshops in the Pais Vasco area where you can rent surfboards. If there are where excactly are they situated?

By Bong , 20-06-2003

Surf Here! - Hell(o)! We some swede surfers are goin to spain north soon. Can some one tell me if there is an good place for beginners around north of spain. We are used to surf swedish conditions and its not that big and powerful here.
Help us yeah!

By Portugal , 09-12-2002

Accomodation im Mundaka - Hello! Anyone can give me a contact of an hotel/house/ Mundaka...because i want to go there now in december vacations...another question..the fuel oleo of the prestige has already arrived there? i hope not...thank you and best regards for you all!

By , 12-11-2002

Aloha - Hi 2 everybody, finally I've found a guestbook about surfing in euskal herria :) I'm from Italy, but I moved to Vitoria Alava. I'm searching for somebody to go surfin Bcause I don't know the place and also I've just tried one time in Italy. So if is there anybody can help me can write me or just keep in touch on this guest book. Thx a lot . Bye.

By , 14-03-2002

Accomodation info - Hi men, could someone give me some good advice about nice (but not too xpensive) rooms/hotels in San Sebastian? What about nightlife? I should be there in August. Ok, thanks a lot, bye

By anonymous , 17-09-2001

Las playas del Pais Vasco!!! - Check out -Lots of info,pics,video's...about Pais Vasco

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