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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Pais Vasco


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By , 19-01-2004

Pais Vaisco surf shops etc - I will be in San Sabastien during March, does anyone have suggestions for surf shops or shapers in the area. And also if anyone has some suggestions for fun breaks/night life/places to stay etc in the area..Thanks

By Egiluz , 13-01-2004

RE: Flights cheaper than petrol!! - If I were you I would go to Sopelana, there you have a camping ( web only in spanish) or a hotel (Goizalde Hotel) both of them on the beach (look in internet for prices).
Sopelana is 12Km from the airport and 20 from Bilbao, and the underground arrives to the town (Sopelana station 20 min walking from the beach) son this one communicated well, and also there are many taverns for the night. It can be also crowed, but it can not be perfect.

By Stuck in Hampshire , 05-01-2004

Flights cheaper than petrol!! - I was looking for destinations in europe to go surfing and found return flights from london gatwick to bilbao for only 25 quid at the end of jan this is with easyjet. Still trying to make up my mind!! What are the sort of prices you could expect to pay for accomodation and where's a good place to stay?

By Egiluz , 04-01-2004

Answer - Kaixo Broten,
I am a Portu´s friend, and in request to you, I have questioned to Gros Surf Club about the renting in this beach. They have said me that there are two surf shops in the beach where you can rent a board, but not sure for wetsuit. In one of them (named PUKAS) you can rent decent ones, but I have no idea about the prices.
And about the best time to came without tourist crowds, there is not to much differences between Apr/May or Oct/Nov. May be the weather is better in Apr/May, but may be there are better waves in Oct/Nov, so now you have to choose. Agur eta ongi etorri.

By broten , 29-12-2003

no title - Zer modu Portu,
I would appreciate your insight on San Sebastian. I am planning a trip to the Basque Country to surf and visit my wife's Basque relatives. We are looking forward to spending time in the region where my father-inlaw was raised and staying in his appartment across from Playa de Gross. In attempt to get some good surf yet avoid tourists and crowds is it best to travel in Apr/May or Oct/Nov.? Also, should we bring our own boards or are there places in San Sebastian to rent decent equipment? Agur, Broten

By , 11-12-2003

thanks for answer, more information needed - thank you for the quick answer.
But there are still some more things i would like to know:
- is there a website where i can see the daily surfing conditions (webcam, wavesize, tide, forecast)?
- does anybody has the adress, phonenumber, e-mail adress...
of a surfing shop renting equipment(e.g. the one in mundaka)
thanks a lot for your help!!

By anonymous , 08-12-2003

no title - You should surf all year round. Now in winter, we get very good waves. If you wanna rent a wetsuit and a surfboard you could go to Mundaka. In Mundaka surf shop rent boards, wetties and all the stuff.

By , 05-12-2003

surf in december and rent equipment - hi to everybody,
i started living in pais vasko at the first of december.
as a surfer i cant wait till springtime to have a ride.
please tell me if there is an surfshop who opens in wintertime and rents equipment, and would you recommend me surfing in winter or should i better wait a few month?
thanks for your help

By , 20-11-2003

Surf in december -> local help (zarauz) - This message is to the attention of a local of Zarauz.
We'll arrive there 1st december for 2 weeks. It is only the 2nd time we surf there. Could you transmit us some protected spot in case of overhead / stormy conditions?

Thank you very much,

By Joost , 12-11-2003

Big down Cornish dickwad - Speak your own language if you don't like the English. The Basque have a history and culture they maintain, stop trying to hijack it to make yourself feel better about being a chicken f**king country bumpkin with shit waves.

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