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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Spain, Pais Vasco

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By Anonymous , 30-07-2008

Accomodation Bakio - Searching for a cheap room or apartment in bakio for the last few weeks in september. If somebody has some information, I would be glad.

By Anonymous , 31-07-2007

hostals or farm house in bakio? - Have anyone some tips about hostals or farm houses in bakio?
We would like to stay there in the end of august.

By Magic Mick , 19-09-2006

Back to Bakio Once again. - We went back to Bakio and Mundaka once again for our yearly Euro surf treck.
Sad to say Mundaka was not working but we had some awesome waves in Bakio.
We stayed in a local hotel (five in the room, all guys, bad smells) and ate the cheap tapas in the cantinas.
The surf AGAIN WAS HOT. We met a few locals and finally got to meet that hot little blonde that was surfing last time we were there. She speaks good English and has an Australian boyfriend who she lives with in Bakio. She was without doubt one of the best girl surfers we had ever seen. So aggressive on the waves, but with the smile of an angel.
We also met some fellow Kiwi guys who live on a small farm in the Bakio Hills. They showed us a few secret spots.
Bakio is worth a visit. It's never crowded on week days, and has some hot women who love surfer boys.
Just go there, even for the perve.

By , 10-05-2006

Renting a flat in Bakio - We are a danish couple with a 2 year old daughter. We are comming to Bilbao on 3rd July and leaving on 30th July. If you know someone who rents out a flat in Bakio or surrounding cities (maybe in walking distance from the beach) we would love to know!!
We can also do a flat exchange, we have a 3 room flat in the heart of Copenhagen Dinarmarca.

By Global Citizen , 25-03-2006

Info needed on Bakio please - Hi, does anyone have any info on Bakio (or any town on the coast in that area) with regards living there permanently. We are moving to that area and are looking for some advice on local info eg long term furnished accommodation etc. Any info is welcomed. If you live in that area, even better! Thanks!

By anonymous , 28-10-2005

board renting - of course you can there´s a new surfshop in Bakio. They are very nice guys and will help you in everything you´d like. The surf shop is at the end of the village in the direction to Bermeo. This is their website though it´s still under construction.

By anonymous , 25-10-2005

- is there anyplace around bakio where you can rent surfboards?

By Mick Magic , 29-09-2005

No more Oil problems - Bakio has four really good breaks on the beach. Sandy mainly. The best we found was the southern rock crop. The locals are a bit pushy and protective of their breaks, but they have a few hot surfers. One girl with long blonde hair just ripped on a short board. I was told she never competes, but she was as good as any WCT chick we had seen.
Mundaka is 8 klms away and wasn't working that day.
We went back to Bakio 2 days later, and saw the blonde chick again. She CAN surf! and very pretty.
The nights there are good. Locals friendly. Quite a few Australians live around there. We met a few. Nice fellows.
Good place, great surf.

By Smokie Bay Surf Club , 06-07-2005

Ibrahim Bakioko - *bad *****excellent
Pollution ****
Waves *** (some nice stuff man)
Baguettes***** (oh oh baguette central, best time Weds afternoons, school half day every tight ass for miles is here, can´t be beaten)
Night life * (baguettes get bus home before it goes dark, nuff said)
Surf Shops * (zip zero, nada, nothing, but I here from my friend at office of tourism there that one is being built, will surely make a killing)
Camping * (ha you are joking right... nothing, closest Mundaka, and no you can´t walk it, unless your name is Geoff Capes)
Localism *** (generally ok, no major a to the holes here a friend got beaten up here though once not for the surf though..)

By george , 18-06-2005

can you walk from mundaka to bakio? - If you're camping aat Mundaka is it an easy walkm to get to bakio? Or are there cloiser beaches, if you happen to have a girlfriend that wont appreciate hours without a beach...... cheers for any help.

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