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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Spain, Pais Vasco

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By Anonymous , 31-05-2008

university of deusto - i will be attending the university of deusto this fall- does anyone know where the closest break is to this school?

By , 23-10-2006

Woww! - A heavy wave. When there are realy big waves and you wanted to drop in, you can see how the rip pull the water up to the lip and you will see the bottom. This is the time, when the three rocks appear out of the water."Los tres Calvos". They are called so, because they look like asses. If you fail the take off you will crash into these rocks. It is realy dangerous. If you go there, observe the locals and watch out how they drop in.
Have some local friends in this area. They told me that it is the biggest wave on the whole spanish coast and it has a big tube but not very long. Had some amazing Tuberides there and a terrible wipe out, because there are a lot of big rocks everywhere.
If there's a big swell, there are a lot of spots a few minutes around which can handle big swell. Some are like Menakoz, but the waves are longer, mushy and not barreling like Menaka. Be prepared and take youre gun!!!

By , 28-10-2005

i need help 4 Meñakoz¡¡¡ - hi every body , i'm looking for somebody able and willing to help me for surfing in meñakoz , i'm really interested, it will be great speak with zumo for example , mithical local big rider , i've surfer even big Uluwatu but i think that this wave needs more preparation and knowledge of the's fucking dangerous ¡¡¡
please before cristmas i'd would like surf meñakoz, my e mail, i live in Madrid , if any surfer who unfortunately as me lives here , plese contact to me.

By , 18-09-2005

Some information, ideas, whatever... - Hope to be around Menakos, Baxio and Mundaka in the last half of October into November for some body surfing. May use a board if I find one. What I'd like know is if there are cheap rooms around there to rent? Is there a campground? Would appreciate a few tips! TASOS

By STM Icelandic Surf Federation , 08-05-2005

Meñakoz, Booze up - OK forget "the wave" for a moment. Meñakoz has the best seasonal bar in the whole of frikkin Pais Vasco. Some German dude's or something have a little hut on the approach down into the bay. Without doubt had more fun getting sloshed at the bar dancing round the big fire they have, taking a leak behind their teepee ( a pun?)in comparisons to the random, ugly, droopy naturists that frequent the bay during the day (shivers)

By Greiskon , 13-08-2004

Meniakoz - People, this spot is VERY dangerous, not as much for the wave size (huge) but for the sharp rocks that get out of the water in the middle of your trajectory. Only for real professionals.

By anonymous , 03-02-2004

no title - Had one of my best rides here and the worst wipeout on the same day ! great wave -- What makes it better is people in Spain are so focking cool ! i spent the month in Both Spain and France -- you sure can tell the difference -- Spain is the best place i have ever surfed ! ot becasue of the waves as you can find better in Indo or ecven hawaii but the Locals are actually NON AGGRO and even try to help the tourist !

Great experience if you are know what you are doing !

By carlo PERU , 16-12-2003

meñaka buenazo! - I traveled to the PAIS VASCO, I spent a few weeks at Sopelana camping, and I had one of my best memories in MEÑAKA, is a great wave, with a great crowd in the water, I wanna thank you for your hospitality, you guys are really cool, hope see you soon, and Nacho, can I use your board next time?
Take care, AGUR

By NICK F. , 21-11-2003

Nothing is better than HAWAII - Went to hawaii surfing that is got thrashed by 20ft waves OUTCH.

By NICK F. , 21-11-2003

Nothing is better than HAWAII - Went to hawaii surfing that is got thrashed by 20ft waves

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