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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Ferrolano , 22-03-2004

surfistas gallegos - falso que no haya surfistas gallegos de nivel , como poneis en el comentario de talentos locales "comparando con el reso de España y Portugal", somos los 4º o 5º mejores de España sin discusion, detras de vascos, canarios, cantabros y mas o menos como los asturianos, y cada año vamos subiendo el nivel. Ejemplos: Gony Zubizarreta Campeón del mundo junior, Luis Rodriguez campeón de España junior, Milo Castelo subcampeón España absoluto . Cristian Pérez 11º mundo bodyboard y 2º Europa, .....
Respecto a la playa de Bastiagueriro debe ser un error la clasificación, por que todos los surfistas gallegos sabemos que hay mil playas mejores, muchas de las cuales os costan en vuestros archivos . Más bien es una playa mediocre. La mejores playas gallegas sin discusión: Doniños como "beach break" y La Machacona como "Reef".

By NEW SPOTS , 12-09-2003

Cleaning galicia - Hi! Im a madrid´s surfer,that has just been all around galicia in the last 3 months, and galicia is not yet all cleaned, but there´s a lot of people working on that and the surf was good.I think that you have a mistake in your web, cos bastiaqueiro is nothing, not a world class wave, like you say there.
To the portuguese dickhead that broke my board, I hope that you enjoy the new air conditioner in your car.ja ja.

By , 22-03-2003

Oil on the beautiful Galician Coastline - Having recently returned from rescueing injured and collecting dead birds on the Galician coast; it was clear that not only are the fisherpeople apprehensive but also the bar and cafe owners who depend on summer beach visitors for their livlihood.Although some beaches appear clean, others have tar arriving on each wave. How much I admire the young local girl cleaning away with her colleagues in Corbiero, dirty black but still cheerfull. All success to them in their efforts.

By anonymous , 08-03-2003

no title - Yo tambien soy un gallego que vive en el extranjero y no veo la hora de volver a mi tierra y sobretodo a mi playa para ayudar a limpiar. Llevo 6 meses sin poder surfear y pensaba poder este verano pero como siga asi la situacion me parece a mi que el surf a tomar por culo y a limpiar...PORQUE TENEMOS QUE PAGAR NOSOTROS POR ALGO QUE HAN HECHO 4 MAFIOSILLOS HIJOS DE PUTA QUE NO QUISIERON PAGAR MAS POR UN BARCO MAS SEGURO?!?! ¡¡¡NUNCA MAIS!!!

By anonymous , 23-01-2003

Oil - So not a word about the oil spill.

All must be back to normal, I suppose??!!

By Yoli... , 09-01-2003

Hola.. - Soy gallega pero vivo en los Estados Unidos, pero tengo la television espanola y me pongo a llorrar cuando veo las noticias del desastre en Galicia. Espero ir a Galicia en el verano y ayudar en lo que pueda...El pais o los paises responsables no puede quedar asi como si nada..

Nunca Mais...
Nosa Terra Galega....

By anonymous , 09-01-2003

Cleanup - As usual, after a couple of days coverage about the oil spill in mainstream news, you no longer hear anything else about the spill.

I was curious how the cleanup effort has gone and if anyone knows if there has been any additional oil leaking from the ship? I am a bit surprised that there have been no photos of the catastrophe posted in here...seems like the perfect forum for locals to address the issue and keep the cleanup effort fresh on everyone's mind.

Maybe we haven't heard anything because things are normal and the beaches and ocean is now clean??

By Slim Joe, a surfer from Madrid , 26-12-2002

Madrid sucks? - I guess you mean spanish goverment and gallego goverment sucks. People from Madrid have been working as volunteers in Galicia, bombers from madrid also, and the people of Madrid is with the people of Galicia just like the people of the rest of Spain.
I hope that the portugese beaches are still & forever clean, and prestige`s oil free. I love your country and beaches.
But please don`t mix ideas.

By , 22-12-2002

no more prestiges! - im a northern portuguese surfer and kitesurfing importer/instructor and im very piss off for what happened. It could be in my beach as well so i understand what galicia surfers are felling. Madrid sucks! we are with u (galegos)for the fight!

By dav, les "high"landes , 18-12-2002

the prestige sinks_a new oil slick - the catastrophe occured in the north-west of spain, off the coast of Galicia.The oil tanker was called "the Prestige".It sank because its hull haked(it was single and very old)and it was caught in abig storm.There are environemental consequences on the wildlife,especially fishes and birds.There is also a pollution of beaches and estuaries.We couldn't surf anymore in a clean water in Spain but also in the french perfect spots...
Fuck oil, fuck spanish administration..........
No more oil slick!!!!

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