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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Spain, Cantabria

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By Anonymous , 28-05-2011

Board to bring? - Hey all,

I'm about to attend USC en España, and I'm going to be there for about 9 months. I love surfing & playing futbol! I have 3 different boards at my house now, but I cannot bring them all over because i do not have the money to fly them over to Spain due to bullshit surfboard expenses that the airlines put on us. I have a POD, Shortboard... Which one do you recommend me bringing for the Waves in the Cantabria region? Gracias a todos!

By jon terry , 03-07-2010

stop worrying bout the locals - I stayed at this spot back in 1997 and the locals were cool go there with the right attitude in and out of the water and you will love it and try the rabas at the cafe, wait for your rides and if your a beginner don't go out when it's big the rip can take you into the rocks on the left

By Jars , 10-07-2008

kooks - I´ve been surfing liencres for years now and never had any trouble what so ever! I live near by but am not a "local" as in any break you visit you have to respect the people and the beach, don´t go around snaking or thinking your the s**t, just chill out and i´m sure you won´t have any problems. One last point though if you are learning or just born a KOOK don´t go and teabag in the best part of the line up with the other 50 guys who can actually rip it and get in their way.

By Anonymous , 18-07-2006

learn some english you miserable dicks!!! - i only want good swells!!

By pene sigiloso , 19-06-2006

morroco photo - there´s a moroccan photo in the liencres album , why?

By para el tonto de anonymous , 26-11-2004

Liencres "locals" - I like Liencres waves a lot, I have surfed there for several years, summers and winters, one of the most consistents beaches of the spanish north coast.My question is:
How such a great place can be full of stupid brainless bastards that still thinks they can own the beach?
Beware of them, outside they want to look like free hippies but inside they are just fascist!

By monchi , 10-05-2003

pro hos beware - that guy on the kneeboard is german, he comes here in the summer and steals our waves and takes our women. i guess he is a pro, just keep out of his way and he will give you and your girlfriend an autograph in the parking lot.

By anonymous , 05-05-2003

watch out - yo buddies, better dont camp on those beatiful cliffs unless u want wake up in the ocean with ur van, respect the locals and leave no trash behind or ull get ur ass seriously kicked. If u dont know how to surf, as most of the people who wrote here already, please stay away out of the way or ull have problems... enjoy

By anonymous , 16-12-2002

error - His name isn´t Guispar. He is Gaspar, Gold Beach surfboards. All of us, know him. You only need to say: Where is Gaspar??
He shapes a very good surfboards. I have one. I really like it.

By anonymous , 01-12-2002

For Andes - go back to the mainland howlie

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