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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 De langre

Spain, Cantabria

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By DavidSDR , 23-04-2013

- @Surfpirate
You are comparing Santa Marina with Langre? So then you were never there, Langre is an average to bad wave and Santa Marina is a worldclass righthander.
But you think you were surfing in Langre with 13ft and 12s...i don´t believe you. With this swell size (which is very very rarely en august!) the wave in the whole region brake close out because the sandbanks can´t hold so much swell. Only some spots are working(like Santa Marina). With 8ft. you see only a few guys in the water, from 10 ft. there is nobody in the water...

And the liquid surfcamp is only open in summer and brings daily more than 30 people to beach at on time. So enjoy it when all those guys are paddeling to line up.

If your are really want to support someone autentic, then rent your stuff from the ecological surfshop Kuntiqi in Loredo. Much better than the stuff from the camp and Stefan the owner of the shop cares really about the environment and the region. Or go in Loredo to the surfschool "La curva", so you support the local economy.

By surfpirate , 18-08-2008

Langre rocks - Am now working here in the santander area and i have to say, langre's not too bad a spot: first it's crowded - but waves breaking literally everywhere - and you can get decent rides...
not as good as santa marina when it's working - but not bad either...
and i had a hell of a ride out there just last week - 13ft @ 12secs - this says it all...

so long, check it out - it's a good place to be... you can rent out boards and stuff at the local surf-school: Liquid-Surf - just on the street from loredo to playa de langre...

By Bjorn , 19-03-2006

KEEP IT CLEAN - If been to this place a couple of times now and it is getting more and more crowded with traveling surfers every year (Although it depends on your luck if you catch it empty or packed with surfers).In summer you will often find a german/swiss line-up thankx to Boris.
The nearest camp site is in Loredo (but if you stay there you'd better score somo's waves).
It is also possible to camp directly at the cliffs in front of the beach. There you have to pay around 2 euros each day you park there plus 5 euros if you camp there overnight (which makes a total of 7 euros for a whole day). The "parking lot" is owned by a local farmer who will surely be rich by now.
I would advice you to get up early in the morning and leave the parking lot, so you don't have to pay for staying there. For the 7 euros you won`t get anything back in return! You can just park there. There is no toilet and no shower (-> Loredo).
- That's why you should keep your eyes open when you step into the cornfield !!! -
Futhermore you can park and camp outside of this marked area and probably pay nothing at all (at least the policia municipal did not tell us to leave).

What makes me worry about this place is the behaviour of a lot of surf-travellers I noticed in 2005. Campfires at the cliffs, leaving toilet paper, other waste and trash behind is NO appropriate way if you'd like to be welcomed in future times. In my opinion it is just a matter of time until the local authoritys will bann camping there. KEEP IT CLEAN and be nice :)

By , 19-02-2005

not very good place for surfing - This beach is one of the most beautiful i know in Spain , but waves are not very good . Anyway if you wanna check it , please , be careful with the enviroment , we had a lot of shit with the oil spills .There are a lot of people camping at forbiden places close to the coast line and its not very funny to see plastic bags and food rests all around the place.Thanks.

By chris , 07-05-2004

Oil from the prestige - Hi, can anybody tell me something about the oil leaking of this ship. is the water still contaminated?

By anonymous , 28-09-2003

beautiful! - De Langre is a fantastic place. When the conditions are good you can perfectly see from the cliffs around the amazing waves´ line formation. It is probably not the most difficult place... so what.

By anonymous , 26-01-2003

Easy, little and generally bad wave - Langre is NOT a spot for surf, sometimes is posible take waves, but no more.

By francois , 21-09-2002

beautiful place - it's a beautiful place.
on the beach-sign it's written "no surfing" !
but this won't prevent us from going there !

By 3 guys from Amsterdam , 01-09-2002

Go there! - I have been wild camping there this summer, between the 2 corn fields. It's a very good spot and the waves can be massive & fast! I loved it (nearest big supermarket in Somo)

By , 15-04-2002

turning dreams into reality - I have a surfschool in langre and I live there for a couple of months each year. the wave depends on the sandbars - it can be a very easy wave but sometimes it also gets tuby. also it handles some big days surfing long lefts...

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