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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Jonas Hansson , 12-10-2008

Casita para navidad - Hola estoy buscando una casita para navidad, yo y me novia vamos a visitar Canos, Barabate y los otros lugares de la costa del luz. Visite esta area unos anos passados y deseo volver. Si alguien tiene algo o sabe alguien que tiene una casita o apartamento para una semana de 23-30 dec contacta me porfavor. Preferimos muy barato:) somos estudientes.
Gracias- Jonas

By Anonymous , 08-09-2008

dont stay in Camping El Palmar - I would like to inform you that the Camping El Palmar ( is the biggest rip off I have ever encountered when surfing Spain and staying in Spanish campsites (I have been coming to Spain for 8 years). The campsite itself is very tiny, dusty, dirty, and the owners are very greedy. They will make you pay one week in advance for a plot and then will allocate you a 2 x 2 meters place where they say your car and tent should fit in. You complain and they will tell you that you can park your car in the parking area (far away from your tent) even though you have paid for a plot that should include car + tent + electricity. They will tell you that the electricity is included in the price and the next you ask where the electricity is they will tell you that you have to pay extra money for it. I recommend you to stay in other camping sites in Cadiz region, just dont stay in this sh***y camping.

By Anonymous , 01-09-2008

Buisness not pleasure - Hi all, i am working in Rota for a week in september. i am going to bring a board as i could do with some waves out here. What spots can i check out from Rota going north? Thanks

By Anonymous , 16-02-2008

Surf in May - Hi all. May is a great time of year to Surf in Cadiz province. The wind is dificult to predict, but yes all Cadiz, as most good surfing spots in the world, suffers from strong winds from time to time. Bring wetsuit. And as most popular places its packed when the surfs up, Ive never had a problem with locals. I give respect and I usually get it back. The problems are others, parking close to spots, jelly fish and very strong currents.

By Oliv: , 18-04-2007

Water temperature and swell in may! - Hola,

I plan to go for 10 days beggining of may in south west andalucia, and i hope to surf there.

Please could you inform me about water temperature, and type of wetsuit required in this period (4 to 15 of may.)

What swell conditions coul i expect in this area??

Is this are as windy as tarifa?? Or often off-shore?

Thanks a lot for all comments and answers. HAve fun


By , 31-10-2006

WinterWaves & Oceano Surf School - Winterwaves is located on the ¨Carill del Camping¨in El Palmar.
We work with the LOCAL SPANISH People of both Conil & El Palmar.
Come & visit us for board hire, a surfing lesson, accommodation or any other questions you might have.
Check us out
See you in the water!

By , 27-10-2006

Surf Villa - -Located in Cadiz, a five minute walk from some good surfing beaches. there are surf trips every day to many of the different beaches across the province Of Cadiz. this is ideal for surfers that want an easy trip without renting a car.

-the Villa is located in a quiet location, has a private garden and swimming pool, clean bedrooms, satellite tv, lounge for the guests, internet, and breakfast is included.

-when to go? the best time to go to the province of Cadiz is sep to april, May-August is inconsistent and small, better off going to Portugal.

-Rates vary, get in touch at

By Anonymous , 02-10-2006

- Forget surfing Costa de la Luz in summer! I have been living here for 1 year and I am disappointed with the amount of days you can surf here. In the winter it can be amazing but it goes flat for 5 months during the hot period. In fact you can get pretty long flat spells even in the good season. This is because the swell often comes from the north and Portugal blocks it.
The people in general are very nice here, but many of the local surfers are very selfish, (Mostly the body boarders) but that is because they are starved of waves for so much of the year. Also, the Spanish do not have the same level of politeness in their culture, it’s not personal but many have no understanding of surf etiquette… you will have to paddle fiercely to get any waves!
If you want year-round waves and chilled out surfers, go to Portugal or northern Spain!
El Palmar is normally biggest, Cadiz is normally smallest.
Sorry to be negative, this is a cool place for many things except the long summer (5 months) of tiny to no surf, but I don’t want other surfers to be as disappointed as I was.

By Anonymous , 01-10-2006

Andy, winter waves, what the f$%k? - me and the local boys, are sick an tired of you giving publicity about sw spain, cant you see that you are just making up for more crowds, showing pictures of secret spots, if you havent noticed- sw spain unlike portugal or nothern spain, hasnt got enough waves to go around.

you are going to get in problems, if you dont stop this s#(t!!!

By , 03-08-2006

trip in andalousia - I'm about to travel with my girl in Sevilla (early september) and i wonder the frequency of waves, size, spots near Cadiz, water temperature, localism and stuff like that.
Thanks to answer me. I use to surf in Oleron island and Lacanau(France).

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