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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 North Porto


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By Tom Taylor , 01-04-2009

tom_surfista - Hi, I'm gonna be working in Porto for July/August... Need somewhere (cheap) to stay, preferably by a surf beach, and not too far from the river douro. I'm a keen surfer, 21yrs, and speak decent portuguese.. Any one able to rent/got recommendations? Obrigado

By , 18-07-2007

Porto, surf and relax ! Worth it going there? - Hi, I am thinking of going to porto end of August for 10 days. Want to visit a little, surf a little, party a little, relax a little....Is it the good destination? where do I rent a surfboard? where is the good spot for someone that surfs intermediate? where to stay in small but confortable hotels? Thanks for your help ! SEB.

By , 04-07-2007

Boards in porto - is it easy to rent a board, travel around and stay near the surf without a car. I do not want to take my board on the plane from back home.

By Anonymous , 01-06-2007

they destroyed the wave.... - A bigg wall stop the wave for ever... that was a wave with with 100 to 200 meters barrol in a good day... very similar with mundaka but a right...

good by cabedello, for ever with me...

By ruahatu , 27-05-2007

people - Is there really ANY place left to surf untroubled?? I mean, every single spot is crowded as hell, can anybodii recommend me where to go and surf ova there??!

By Mat , 02-05-2007

surf shops? - Hi! staying in Porto for a few months.Any good surf shops around?I have seen one in front of the beach in Matosinos.Anything else worth checking out? Thanks and much props to the locals,there's a good vibe in the H2O!

By buddha , 06-03-2007

Camping/Surfing/Relaxing near Porto? - were heading there [oporto] as a group in early june, and are looking for a campsite on/near the beach, some of us are interested in surfing, others in relaxing, with varying experience. If anyone knows of a location that would suit, could u please let us know? granja sounds good, is that lively, or suitable for us?

By pedro , 20-10-2006

pssssssssss cala-te - I d´ont know how made the ranking of this beach but ,definitely they d´ont know what they are talking about... this beach powerless, men i bet you haven´t surf here. it´s not a 5 star beach but also not a 2 star beach.

By Sadosquez , , 12-07-2006

Surf in area of Porto. learning. - Hi dudes! I wanna go to Porto in September of this year,but a have'nt any experience in surfing. Can You help me and say if there's any place/city/spot not too much far from Porto in which I can learn surfing(& rent board and other surf stuff )?! Which place is the best for it?! Thanks for answering!

By Justin ( , 25-09-2005

Portugal board rental - I am heading to Portugal (near Porto) in a week. Any idea on availability of board rentals. I don't want to drag mine all the way from Nova Scotia if I don't have to.
Thanks in advance.

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