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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Praia do norte

Portugal, North Beira

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By algarve surfer , 06-01-2004

ozzies - bloody hell, if its so crap here in portugal and we r so bad at surfing and boogering, why the hell are all the south coast bars locked full of you ozzys blowin your trumpet about how great oz is. Portugal rocks

By anonymous , 06-01-2004

no title - algarve surfer i heard they all wanted to call it off cause it got to big. if you think good boogering is spinning around in circles in 2 foot waves your kidding. all the best lids are from oz, the portugese are small wave specialists.

By anonymous , 21-10-2003

algarve surfer - *boogers shat themselve and dogged it. this is for fully expert surfers only*

Yuo gotta be kidding, the bodyboarders in portugal are about the best you will find in the world and can handle this waves as good as any surfer.

By jim , 30-07-2003

More power than Pipe - Only for the brave when it is bigger than 10 ft.
Ultimate big have frontier in Portugal.
Handles any Size.

By , 28-05-2003

for Anon - Do you have fotos?Wich board you use?

By Anon. , 27-05-2003

We got in early - In October 1978 4 of us got it up to 25ft (faces) by ourselves, for a week! One of my best surfing memories and we've got the shots to remind us. Portugal is a dream.

By anonymous , 26-05-2003

no title - surfes this dec 2001 by myself at solid 8 foot with a bit of a hang over and nearly drowned. got washed up the beach from out the back. had some sick kegs though. need a good 7' footer. fuck this wave is heavy. surfed puerto, big hosseger, and this wave is as fucking as nuts as any. if you cant tube ride and handle big hold downs dont go out. by the way i heard the boogers shat themselve and dogged it. this is for fully expert surfers only. top 5 beach breaks in the world if your game

By anonymous , 13-05-2003

Dangerous - Probably the biggest wave in Portugal, and the only place with potential for tow-in.

Dangerous, very dangerous. Watch out for unexpected sets, that wipe out the entire line up.

By drinho , 12-02-2003

no title - no coments...!!!eheh!!even with 3fts you must be carefull!!not for kids!!!the biggest waves in portugal!!

By anonymous , 24-11-2002

insane - i was there while they were having the 2002 european bodyboard championship and it was insane. this place packs up more energy and dishes out more power and punishment than any other place i've seen in Portugal.

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