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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Praia do norte

Portugal, North Beira

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By anonymous , 14-01-2005

- Passed through this place a few times and always been impressed by its power.

Reminded me of Puerto Escondido more than anywhere else.

By sam , 02-12-2004

2003 Competition - Yes, the fotos speak for themselves.
they were shot during a competition in November 6th, 2003, with ONLY PORTUGUESE RIDERS (bodyboarders actually...). 18 riders threw them selves to 3, 4, 5 meter waves, threw them selves to some heavy lips, dropped 4 meter close-outs. Does anyone need more proof..?
It's obvious that in every region are crazy/suicide riders and riders who shit themselves with 1,5/2 meters. And these 18 were selected from all over portugal, so there's more than those.
In fact i'm adding more photos of riders from out of the competition, taken by joao serpa.

By anonymous , 19-11-2004

- These photos speak for themselves! NICE waves, bros! Definitely world class. Hats off to the Praia do Norte crew. (Be careful out there)!

By Sr Vitor , 13-11-2004

Not all - "algarve surfer i heard they all wanted to call it off cause it got to big."
You can´t generalize. It´s true that algarve surfers are "meninos" and will bail big Nazaré. But there are good big wave riders in lisbon and up north.

By nico , 30-09-2004

this place rocks - we have been travelling in portugal lat august and we score in nazare our best session, very clean, powerfull and desertic..anyway if i have to say only one word about this wave, it s heavy...

By anonymous , 04-08-2004

Nice - This break reminds me of Blacks, very similar....

Hope to make it someday....


By , 01-08-2004

good holiday spot? - this break sounds truly epic, friends have told me stories which are confirmed here, plenty of snapped boards. But which way does it usually break? it says here on the sight that it has lefts and rights but almost all the photos are lefts, is this common? why is this place not more popular?
Im going to come this autumn, with an open mind and respectful attitude, will I be welcome? hope so.

By FUCK , 08-03-2004

no title - who it´s the wave in JUNE

By anonymous , 04-03-2004

30ft / 10 m - Praia do Norte during winter gets to 30ft/10m+ . It´s one of the biggest waves in Europe and world class for sure.

Many locals and fisherman tell historys of waves 36ft/ 12m+ during winter.

By SPONGECLIFF , 04-02-2004

arsehole surfers - There you go again bigging yourselves up that you're all kamakazies when most surfers run like f..k when it really gets going..bodyboarders are usaully younger and more reckless and braver than the old boys on their planks,so get real and stop all these fanciful claims...tell us what you've really done and something we dont know about this spot....I'D GO TO HOSSEGOR/LANDES B4 HERE ANYWAY

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