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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Santa amaro

Portugal, Central Lisboa

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By , 16-03-2007

Correct spot name - I am a local, and the spot name is : "Santo Amaro"
Good surf for all.

By anonymous local , 28-01-2007

one of the best waves in portugal - It´s sad, but the portuguese government has no surf culture, and all the sea shore projects miss the surf potential of our shore... Santo amaro is another victim of this fact. But with the help of the surfers comunity, a pacific deal was made with the Oeiras mayor, and the original project for this place has been changed,leaving the wave a bit modified from before! it´s only a beggining.. but it gives us hope for future situations. I consider this a small victory for the portuguese surfers.
Its a powerfull right handed wave, similar to "coxos"(ericeira) but normaly more bumpy. It needs special conditions to break perfect and if you wait for the right tide you might get an epic surf seesion, or waist an entire day waiting for it and nothing happens...
When it´s perfect, can blow 3m high perfect waves with pipe sections.. get a bigger board for this days.. you will need it!!
Like everywhere, respect the locals and you will be respected. Enjoy it!!

By Ericeira , 29-10-2005

Excellent! - Not the cleanest water, tastes like shit BUT...the rides are long, powerful wave. Beside Coxos and Luz its in my top three favorite waves of Portugal! NOT for beginners!

By b , 19-02-2004

no title - Only experienced surfers?

If you are a bodyborder u can rip it easily!!!

But the water is very polluted it smells and tastes like a bathroom... True!

By Pedro Cruz - Miss u all , 01-11-2003

31 dezember 2002 - i was there its was the best day of my life surfing in Santo Amaro. the most similar right wave to Coxos. very powerfull. Im a Portuguese Man living now in Copeganhen and in portugal i lived in front of Sto Amaro the best wave ever.
They are right, just works when all the line is clossing out.
not sharp rocks but when is big u can't paddle out u must go out and go in again near of the harbor,dangerous but 300% pure adrenaline.
Pedro Cruz

By cromo , 18-12-2002

good and dangerous - last november i had there one of the best surf sessions of my fukcing life. it was very big 3m 3,5m fast and scaring. the wave is now safe from dissapiering.

By soul , 26-10-2002

DESAPEARING WAVE - This HEAVY right only works with huge swells,it's a very powerful wave and very dangerous it hold´s up to 4 meters,
sharp rocks and iron bars and the water is higly poluted you
will only see pro's surfing there and wen it's good ist very crowded. this wave is disapearing as constructions are being made.It is considered " the best Lisbon wave"

By anonymous , 22-08-2002

Santo Amaro - santo Amaro only works with real big swells. Experienced surfers cause it needs some real paddling. And it`s very easy to find, not hard like it says.
Carcavelos!!!!! CALHAU!

By anonymous , 06-08-2002

Excellent wave - Only on big swells, in this wave you can find the tube of your life.... is that good!!!! only experienced and pro surfers... and the crowd... when this wave's working, is the only place to surf in Lisbon cause it's huge in the other spots...

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