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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Portugal, Central Lisboa

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By Francisco , 01-04-2008

- This is definitely a begginers wave, especially if you wait for the high tide. Sometimes if you take off on top of the odd rock the drop can be a little less than flat, otherwise it's just a fat burger. And getting out is easy, you just have a bit of a long paddle after your last wave, which is annoying when you're tired at the end of a session.. Otherwise it's a great wave to learn

By , 22-03-2005

Aloha Rata Boys - Ávila, Tomé, Patrick, Baitê, e todos os outros que lá surfaram sabem como é...

By Tom the curl , 07-09-2004

Not for beginners - Hey,

this wave is certainly not a beginners spot, especially when it's big. you have to jump off the rock jetty in order to get to the line up. there are submerged rocks everywhere, which only surface on a lower tide. don't surf this spot on low tide only from medium tide upwards.
there are currents because the waves break really far out to sea and if you want to get back in, you have to either paddle all the way to salamander's in cascais or else make your way out next to the rock jetty through some very nasty rocks.
I once saved a girl's life (little inês) there in November 2001 so I won't recommend this to any beginner. Plus the take-off is very steep. The wave mellows out then in the inside section, but if you want to kook around in beginner waves, try s. pedro maybe on a smaller day.

By b , 19-02-2004

What? - Crowded? There´s no waves here...

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