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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Praia grande

Portugal, Central Lisboa

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By Anonymous , 02-10-2007

Helder Ferreira - Man he's not even a local....he's from carcavelos!!!

By BB , 18-06-2007

Helder Ferreira - Helder Ferreira, is one of the best surfers of Praia Grande and a hard local. He rips on big days with strong conditions. The photos are excellent. He should get a sponsor to help him to improve his technique and to be good competitor. Congratulations!

By tamsk1 , 24-10-2006

If everywhere else is flat get your ass here. - If you are an intermediate surfer and quite fit don't miss this break. It gets quite crowded but the Portugese don't get up before 9am, so if you get in early it'll be great. Don't surf the shore break, this is for short boarders but get out and surf out back. This is quite a rip taking you off the line up and its quite a paddle but well worth it. It's a beautifully powerful wave. The south end of the beach is less crowded for some reason. Miss this break if you are a beginner it will only depress you. If there everywhere else is flat get your ass here.

By shinx , 09-08-2006

very good spot - this beach has a powerful, fast wave that is perfect for shortboarders, longboarders, and bodyboarders!

By aLiCe , 23-06-2006

- What can I say about praia grande...
Excelent spot for surfing!!!
was the first time that I surf there and I really enjoy it.
If you are going to Lisboa you must go to praia grande, very close and it worth :)

By anao , 20-11-2005

PRAIA GRANDE THE BEST SPOT - fogo como e possivel darem 3 estrelas a um dos melhores spots do país..ja surfei aqui em portugal e as minhas melhores ondas foram de facto na praia grande mais propriamente no fundo da praia q que quando a agua e trasparente e entra um sweel consistente de sul torna se a indonesia portuguesa..e nao digo mais nada

By anonymous , 06-10-2005

PRAIA GRANDE THE SUBURBAN SPOT - praia grande is the best spot in sintra!a lot of wind a lot of waves but when the wind is east can be that you cachtg really good waves in all tides!if the the direction ok sweel was south make good lefts in right side of the beach!dead left is the name of the wave more power and heavy in the area,is a great tube with some sections that in classic days your time in the tube increase a lot!in the last winter, the season of east wind i surfed praia grande with 6 to 7 feets classic, was amazing experience aind could see larges tubes and bigs sprayss.praia is also good because is close to ericeira and carcavelos, nices spots that i all ready surfed and catch classic waves live in pedra branca reef calhau

By Skunk , 28-11-2004

- Went to praye grande 2 summers ago. It was in the beginning of July. Nobody was on the beach the rental and surf school were a fucking rip off. Absolutly not for beginning surfers. No good accomodation to hire a board.There is one campsite not far from the beach Theres one surfbar next to that one surfshop who is also a surf school who isn't good organised.

By Quimera , 30-08-2004

Praia "really" Grande - An excelent spot for surfing. When swell enters it creats really powerful and heavy waves. All precautions must be taken! ;)

By anonymous , 27-07-2004

- This photo #1 isnt in Praia Grande... its Supertubos - Peniche. I shot it :)

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