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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Praia cds

Portugal, Central Lisboa

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By Mendo , 04-05-2010

Costa da Caparica! - Só dizem mal, mas depois surfam! So não apanha boas ondas na costa que não quer...
Foi na costa que fiz as melhores surfadas com amigos, matinais de inverno épicos e finais de tarde glass tubulares perfeitas sem crowd... É preciso saber onde, com que vento, swell, maré e que tem de se surfar...

By anonymous , 09-04-2004

no title - CDS é mesmo onda de classe mundial, principalmente a bombar com maré cheia LOOOLLL :DD Secalhar pá pesca da truta deve ser melhor...

By stay anonymous , 13-01-2004

it's a sandbar issue - like many other sandy beaches, the wave quality may vary.
in the latest years there has been an erosion problem that kept removing the sand from the beaches, so the good sandbars are now less common.
costa da caparica, generaly, can't hold mid size swells without closing out, (well, it depends on the sandbars and on the swell's direction). it's just a typical beachbreak wave, were you can pull one or two manoeuvres before the wave ends.
and forget those photos. definitely i haven't seen waves like that around cds for a long time now.
what about the locals? oh yeah, they sure are a surf hazard. specially the ones who can't surf, or the longboarders that keep trying to learn how to take off in front of a guy that's just paddling out.

i'd rate cds 1,5/4. go elsewhere.

By anonymous , 16-11-2003

World class's F%ckin pipeline - CDS is a beach in costa de caparica, and like every other beach in costa..SUCKS! there are few exceptions, but the wave has a tremendous lack of power, and tube riding happens 10 days a year MAX!

By anonymous , 06-04-2003

no title - CDS used to be a beach but it isn t anymore, there used to be good waves there like 5 years ago, it s a backwash kind of wave, forget tha fuckin wave, it s relly piece of shit wave, it might bee good like 5 days a year, if you are that lucky mother fucker, good for you!

By anonymous , 21-01-2003

Always overcrowded - Good inside for bodyboard. For surfers try 1km north (S.Joao).

By anonymous , 10-01-2003

Few crowd?? - Pouco crowd é o q dizem...tá sempre overcrowded ainda por cima agora c as escolinhas é so putos com pranchoes a virem despencados,aquilo é um perigo!Ainda por cima a partir da meia maré a encher fica backwash...façam-se à estrada e procurem alternativas!

By Portugal 2 USA 3 , 14-11-2002

4 stars? - How can you rate this wave world class, looks like hightide slop to me, 1-2 stars at best!

By anonymous , 10-10-2002

CDS sucks - CDS é uma beleza.. ui, 4 estrelas, acho q ainda devia era ser mais!
Translation: Do not go to this beach, it's one of Caparica's worst... Nova, Barbas, Marcelino, Norte or S. João are better bets.

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