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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Portugal, Central Lisboa

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By Anonymous , 30-01-2010

freezing cold - It was full august this year and the water was freezing cold. First time I had to don a wetsuit (I'm Italian and the mediterranean is far warmer than the atlantic ocean) but it was worth it.
Gostei pra crl! so deu para surfar uns quarenta minutos porque os meus pais estavam congelando na praia por causa do vento, mais foi a surfada mais legal que eu ja dei (eu sou novata)

By Yakuza , 10-11-2009

Not more than 5 feet 13sec!!! - I am a bodyboarder and on a beautyfull closeout I got hammered with my head like a nail in the sandbar of this shorrebreak at praia da crisminda (souther part of guincho).
Ouch that hurt, thought I would need a wheelchair!
Next day both my fins got pulled of my feet and one fin strap snapped. Due to the strong currents it takes a bit to get to the beach again with only one fin.
Fortunately there is a surfshop right at the beach (not the best, but ok). Two waves after I bought new fins my leash snapped.
Figured out that bodysurfing also has some nice aspects...
For me the small beach south of the main beach is the bomb: less crowded, waves more powerfull, backwash fun for bodyboarders (jumped over a wave and got perhaps 50cm high in the air, but hell it hurts to land on the stomach. How the bl****y f**king h*ll do the pro's land after 3m airs???)Have been to Cascais 4 times within a year, just love this area!!!
Danmark with 12ft 8sec and 30 knots onshore gale is like kindergarden compared to guincho which scares me with 5 feet 13sec waves.

By Alex , 21-04-2008

Guincho is great - Guincho has great conditions for surf, windsurf and kiteboard. It is a beautiful beach with friendly people. Don´t complain just surf, enjoy and respect this life and the nature around!!

By Anonymous , 14-04-2007

stay out - guincho is not as good as it seems. the currents are dangerous and push you against the rocks, there have been many deaths before, especially with wind and kite surfers. on top of this, the locals are very unfriendly and the waves in the summer are poor most of the times. If still wanna surf guincho, remember to respect everyone like you wish them to respect you. Peace.

By carlos correia , 03-01-2005

crowd - let's make it clear: in the week end guincho IS crowded,
but in the week it's almost empty.

By menino de csc , 03-07-2004

- DUDE : tanta merda que andas aí a dzr e nem sequer poes nome? o guincho tem uma perfect wave e sao gajos como tu que a estragam. queres ser mal humorado vai surfar pa ............. ..... .......... !

By anonymous , 20-04-2004

dude - a todos os pseudo-surfistas k pensam k por terem uma pranxa de surf podem la ir surfar, vao po crl,vao aprender pa sitios com pouco crowd ou nos insides, agora ficarem a boiar no outside e na linha da onda e k nao!! este aviso e pa vosso bem, pk nao curto tar na onda a ter k preocupar-me em desviar-me em vez de curtir a onda. E para os meninus de csc, k no verao tao todos la a boiar, se nao sabem fazer nem entrem dentro de agua, so pa tar a dar numa de surfista, surfistas a serio tao dentro de agua verao e inverno.

By b , 19-02-2004

What?! - Guincho can be very powerfull!

I haved surfed some of my best waves there! Very consistent!
When it´s glass, my god, what a wave.

By , 22-12-2003

about photos - Please,tell us which ones: numbers 2 and 3 or number 6 and 7. We will remove them.

By mirceaa_@hotmail,com , 22-12-2003

Photos - The last to phostos from guincho were taken by me and the hava copyright for So i'd like to know wo the heal do you think you are to put on thea photos,,,,

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