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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Central Lisboa


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By Anonymous , 22-03-2007

carcavelos - well, not that great really. been there for a week and hardly any waves but what a wind !!! v hard to hire a board also, only place is the surf school, closed most of the time (opens all day during week ends).

By , 08-08-2006

Fisherman planning travel needs Surfers advice - Thanks for reading this!
My cousin (1/2 Portuguese) and I are planning a trip next summer to Portugal. We are staying with fisherman along the coast - learning how they fish and working with them for free.

What beaches/fishing areas do you know of that might welcome us?

Surf Safely!
Hank and Brian!

By , 03-08-2006

surfing in september - I am coming to Lisbon in September and want to know of the best places to learn....preferably close by as I don't have a car.

By , 27-07-2006

best spots in set/october - I am comming to stay 10 days in Lisboa and I really want to know the spots to surf in setember/october, the water temperature and if is easy to get there, and if crowd or not.

By , 27-07-2006

Where's best to live in Lisbon area for a year? - Hi,
I'm comming to the lisbon area for at least a year. If any one has time to answer a couple of questions i would really appreciate it.

I want to live in walking distance to a decent spot, where should i think of looking first, and how much should i expect to pay in rent?

I am trying to learn a bit of portuguese before i get there, but will communication be a problem with only a few of the basics under my belt?

What are the local surfers like, I here they are generally friendly if you give the same respect?

Many thanks in advance

By Old Boy , 27-01-2006

march waves - i am visiting lisboa in the middle of march for a stag weekend with 12 close friends. six of us going to surf as we have all surfed since kids. we are from cornwall in the uk and have all travelled extensively world wide surfing. this will be the last chance for me to surf with all my friends before i emigrate to new Zealand. any tips on where to surf what size mm wet suit etc.i hope all the locals welcome us. you never know you might want somewhere to stay if you ever visit the UK or New Zealand.

By , 19-01-2006

- this is crazy. i'm 16 and my family is from lisboa and i always wanted to go back someday... but i had no idea u guys had waves!!! this is insane. i'm from FL and love surfing. i didnt know there was surfing in portugal! think i'm gonna have to make a trip over there pretty soon. aaah! thats so cool!

By psycho , 11-09-2005

good waves - i surfed 2 times in lisboa.The first one in the east of the city.The name of the beach is praia grande.there is great waves in this spot 1m 0.5m.After that known i place if the name is praia do guincho is agood place to surf.

great waves!!!!!1

By Manuel , 08-09-2005

Board prices - There's no used material in shops arround Lisbon?!?!?! Hehehe, you were very well fooled, you must have an ugly face mate and locals wanted you out of here. I travel all arround Europe and rarelly bought anything outside. Prices in Portugal are among the cheapest in Europe (but probably not the range of choice), this is mainly due to the shops importing the material directlly (this is true for surf, kite and windsurf), and the number of local shapers most arrived from Brasil. The only exception is that here the end of season sales are non-existent. e.g. a Pukas board can be cheaper in a shop in S.Pedro than in the north of Spain!! Just take a look at Portuguese site selling 2nd hand material to have an idea.

By joao pedro , 22-05-2005

heyy - hey, i'd want to know how is the surf in the middle of july, around lisbon and in the south...

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