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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Portugal, Central Lisboa

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By nmaleixo , 12-08-2012

- " Peixe Fudido " Carcavelos has many of these animals, when he bites is a trouble for the people.

By Local , 08-02-2008

True - "Peixe Fudido" is a really dangerous fish because it bites you suddenly before you even notice. There have been many cases of surfers who have left the water without arms or legs. Another hazard in this beach is the highly contaminated waters. Even if you don't swallow the water, you can contract several skin diseases, hepatitis and viruses.

By Anonymous , 16-03-2007

sucks - Carcavelos is fine for boduboarders and kids! A wave that closes up 90% of the time! The longest wave you can surf takes up to 2 seconds!! then closes!! YEAH!! its fantastic

By Anonymous , 23-01-2007

LY - "peixe fudido"?? It's a ly. i'm a local from carcavelos and i no that it's a ly. carcavelos is a world class wave. in october carcavelos is going to receive the WQS. 3*** STARS

By Rasputin , 24-11-2006

Carcavelos - Carcavelos is amazing!!!! You have some real good waves there, but there is only a problem... or a REAL BIG PROBLEM, when you are in carcavelos water you have to be carefull with a big fish called "peixe fudido", keep that name in mind! It is very regular some surfers get out of water with only one leg, or only one arm! That fish is around all the portuguese coast during all seasons. So, it´s up to you... Do you still want to surf here???

By Anonymous , 18-10-2006

carcavelos is the best and fuck the rest - carcavelos in the winter is a great wave have a great tube and a goog lip for air tricks. put dont go go to carcavelos in summer

By 2Local , 29-10-2005

Local break - I live across the street from the break. Its high quality at times but...not my favorite place. Its too crowded for my tastes. But if you have not surfed definately need to experience it in all its "glory" crowds, and merciless closeouts..

By anonymous , 21-09-2005

AWFUL - Carcavelos is terrible...

By anonymous , 20-09-2005

To sum up - -Very hollow beachbreak
-Can get epic, as you can see on the photos
-Locals are what you can expect from a very popular urban beach, they sometimes get realy angry for seeing hundreds (thats right, hundreds) of people in the water
-this is in the lisbon area so about 2 million people live in this area
-there are many bodyboarders, and you should respect them as they are often the ones that go in the water no matter the conditions
-if you rip youll surely be respected for your surfing, if not try to stay on the inside
-works from october to may

to see more on live webcams

By Trindade, C. , 15-08-2005

2 Stars for Carcavelos ? you're way wrong dudes ! - Carcavelos (still) is the cradle of portuguese surfing and champs. And why's that ? Doesn't the photos tell you guys how good it can gets ? Drop in someday for a couple of sets to get the real thing on your head ! Carcavelos rules.

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