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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Cabo raso

Portugal, Central Lisboa

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By Francisco , 26-09-2007

- Wrong.. pic 6 is in fact Cabo Raso, and probably the sickest pick of them all, along with the dude bodyboarding, which is also the real Cabo Raso. There some pics of the wave that breaks in front of the Marina in Cascais (the ones with the tow surfers in them), and the two or three pics that show a seemingly longish right-hander taken from right in front of the break are actually a right of a wave that breaks a couple of hundred meters to the left of the main Cabo Raso break, which is right in front of the light-house. Roger? Over and out!

By TT , 31-05-2007

Wrong Pictures - Picture 6 and 7, and all "best surf pictures" are from "GUIA"...that´s a spot about 5 km south from "CAVO RASO"... And that´s where you usually do Tow In.

By Anonymous , 30-05-2007

One of the best... - This wave works at least 20 days/year...everytime someone goes to Cascais or Carcavelos, because the swell is big, and they only surf waves below 2 meters, and if the wind its off-shore, its probably working...
Be carefull...heavy wave, hard bottom, and dificult exit (from land)! Some bodyboarders and surfers from Guincho have been surfing it at least from 1995.
Some pictures (with surfers) are from Guia...4 km south. New pictures more false stories.


By someone , 21-11-2006

hey FRANCISCO! - i you don't believe, see it by yourselft in the pages of the magazine SURFPORTUGAL. you will see Andre Pedroso e Ruben gonzales surfing it in a huge day! oh and there's more:if you read some texts of that same magazine all over the months you will note that some authors mencioned the spot and not only told storys about, from surfer catching it big, as the have surfed too.

yes, this is a dangerous sport but hey, this world is full of maniacs!

By Francisco, Lisboa , 18-08-2006

Never works - This break has, perhaps, worked once or twice in the last 10 years. I only belived someone actually surfed there after seeing the pictures!! Really hard and dangerous spot: rocks allover, powerfull wave that doesn't hesitate to throw you to the rock.

By anonymous , 13-05-2006

no 5 stars - there are tones and tones off spots like this isnt just se size that souldnt never have 5 stars

By jalama dude , 22-04-2006

shit - props, Portugueses.

By joao , 12-02-2006

cabo raso desurve 5 stars - give 5 stars to cabo raso! is a epic spot!

By please put 5 stars!! , 24-11-2005

epic spot - epic spot... desurves 5 stars! it's so good!!!

By anonymous , 31-10-2005

CABO RASO - 6M PERFECT - a few days ago, in cabo raso were 6m completly perfect!! it's a hard spot, but certtanly there are a few maniacs that have the balls to charge it!! put 5 stars! if you ever see de wave breack you will understand why i say that this wave desurve 5 stars... listen what the outher messages say, and do it! 5 STARS for cabo rasso

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