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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Portugal, Central Lisboa

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By Anonymous , 21-11-2009

it's not bad localism... - take it from a 43yr local that's been surfing it for 30yrs.
s.pedro is one of the most crowded spots in portugal, it has been surfed since the 60's, there are only a few good days in a year, the locals are top 16 class.
so i say it again: it's not localism!
you just have to be really stupid to go in there in a good day.
apart from that, the wave is all looks!
want to surf good rights go to la graviere!

By Anonymous , 15-03-2007

Suicide's - Try suicide's instead ;)

By Anonymous , 14-12-2006

anti-crowd - se a onda é tão má e mole como alguns gajos dizem porque é que nao vão fazer crowd pa outra praia? o pessoal agradecia

By Masterpeace Dude , 18-09-2006

Great Wave!!! - It's a pity that the locals are sometimes a little bit stupid... but I think that you can find this kind of behavior anywhere...

Anyway, S.Pedro has a damn good right wave and what I like best is that it's a very long wave, which is not so easy to find...

I'm a longboarder, so when the sweel is big (like it was yesterday), it's very hard to go back to the outside after you ride a wave ending up by the shore... but it's worth it, if you are not too tired ;)

By Ericeira Local , 11-12-2004

Matem-xe - S.pedro sucks! a onda eh totalmente mole, surfei la com metruh e meio e continuavah a naum dar para fazer nada e kduh vejuh eskrituh ke eh o melhor spot da linhah da vontadeh de rir! Pa n falar dos fdp dos locais ke nem perxebo porke eke xe orgulham da sua ondah e tem a maniah keh xao altas surfistas max nao surfam um peido. A ondah e' para maricas!!!

By OWN BICO , 30-03-2004

Bico da Power Wave - Onda muito boa, é pena é que ás vezes aparecem três gajos o David TOrilhas paneleiro, o seu amigo Bebas leva na anilha e Marcos o GAY tirando isso é alta onda!!!!

By b , 19-02-2004

The reality - S. Pedro is a right wave that breaks in a reef, it holds up to 3 meters.

I´ve surf there in 2,5m wave at high tide and is very easy to paddle to the outside.

You can surf a left wave if you stay at the left hand side of the beach, it´s a short 20m wave.

The locals stress a bit, because there´s only 1 point break...

By Sucky Sucky,10 dolla , 08-02-2004

BiCo LocaL SurfEr - Who was the smart guy who wrote about Bico???
Until 1,5mts the wave is not powerful, it's really soft, very god for longboarders, and beginers...
Look out for the low tide, don't come to near the rocks, because, there are lots of rocks that you can't see, and if you fell there, you're screwed... Bye Bye board... so look carefully for the rocks... The wave is always the same, to predictable, that's why it's good for beginers! This is tha classic beach of Portugal, one of the first beaches to be surfed here...Many good surfers come from here... so the wave is really good to learn... If it's less than 0.5 meters and you don't have a longboard.. don't even come in... Bye the way, when the waves are small, in the high tide it doesn't even work... But usually is the best beach!!!! Hope to see you there!

By anonymous , 29-01-2004

no title - you can get good days where it's a highly rippable pointbreak and you don't even need to paddle to get to the peak..but if you won't get a good glassy swell it goes a bit boring..but still access is pretty easy and the babes are awsome on sunny days..
on weekends get another place cuz it's crowded due to the surfschool..

By anonymous , 31-12-2003

s.pedro RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - i live there now!!! an i say!! its the best wave in cascais line. The crowd is very frendly... and the place is beautiful!!

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