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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Portugal, Central Ericeira

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By Surfin Bird , 04-07-2010

Cavar daqui para fora - To all who might concern. I have read and heard a lot about Cave and so many other places and the truth in every place in the world. Dont talk about it, surf it!
Every place can be a dream spot, depending on the day and your spirit. And if you scared....leave and let others enjoy it.

By magoito , 30-11-2006

just blablabla - all of you just speak about cave, but its just words, the wave don´t want to be speaked, want to be surfed.
the waves aren´t like football!

By Carlos Fonseca , 29-07-2006

Cave - Cave can hold up a lot more then 2.5m...and is without any doubt one of the heaviest waves in Europe...

By taz , 23-04-2006

taz - small shipsterns.

By cozido á portuguesa , 15-02-2006

sick but do not exaggerate!! - i dont understand what i´ve been reading about this wave..its sick for sure but saying that cave is sicker than el froton or shark island like i´ve read in a bb forum its ridiculous, el froton holds up much more size and can get much heavier than cave that can hardly hold up to 2.5m. yes cave its for sure the heaviest wave in ericeira and probably
in portugal but not in europe!!!

By luis FILIPE vieira , 09-06-2005

surfers at cave - yes it's true, not only the bodyboarders surf this wave. in the last times, portuguese top surfers, like tiago pires, jose gregorio, paulo do bairro have being surfing this wave... this wave it's crazy... i'm going to see it the next week... i hope i could see somebody surfing it.

By anonymous , 29-05-2005

Hell on earth - portuguese shark island!!! Only for pros or lunatics!!! Peace

By anonymous , 10-05-2005

pacds - I don't understand.. I surfed there almost a week with 1,5 m and it looked liked a regular wave.. :| ;) joking.. I shited myself it is an INSANE wave... don't trie it if you are not ready.. I have unds under my skin to show it..

By T7 , 23-04-2005

Cave - This wave is not world class, not even epic! It is Jurassic, it must hit the bottom like a fucking dinossaur!
I wish I could surf it but I would rather die in cyclops, just because the death would be faster, if you know what I mean! =)
Peace, for all my portuguese bros, and for all the maniacs around the world!

By slater , 23-04-2005

surf rules!!!!!! - yes, cave is a heviey wave for sure..i just wanna say to all of you that there were three or four surfers that surf this place BIG!!!! portuguese surfers...peace! i love the ocean, the sea and i hope that you all fell this feeling to...if not, you are at hte wrong sport

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