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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By pawelratkowski , 22-04-2013

prognozy fal - hej chlopaki gdzie sprawdzacie prognozy fal dla wladyslawowa? patrzylemna windguru ale tak tylko podaja informacje odnosnie wiatru, wiem ze mozna na tej podstawie przewidziec jakie beda mniejwiecej fale ale na tyle nie umiem czytac tych prognoz.. z gory dzieki za info , pozdr!

By Anonymous , 26-10-2009

- That hilarious, could be the new Indo.

By Anonymous , 11-07-2009

Spot has changed - Władysławowo (or Rurociąg as we named it) has changed a bit last winter. They pumped a lot of sand to enlarge the beach, which deformed the bottom, causing shorebrak to close-up wiht smaller swells (3ft+). There's a chance that sand bar will produce nice waves (like it did recent years) with 5-6ft swell but this has not happen yes this year...It is still nice beginner shorebreak with 1-3ft swell. I personally expec that storms will take the sand away with some time, and my favourite spot will return to its shape.

By maly_surfer , 23-05-2007

Yes, you can surf here - i surf here. It's only spot that i can rely on, not a big choice when you surf Baltic. It works well after a W,NW wind of 3-5 bf blowing for at least 12hrs. I saw there even 6ft waves, but they were difficult to catch because they are ussually short and steep. With 3ft i had no problems, and it is really fun. On big days, there is current that makes paddling and walking in the water very hard. There are also rows of wooden poles in the bottom, which tend to be on your way when you surf, so be carefull. It's quite scarry when your leash stucks between teh poles and currents want to suck you down to the bottom.
Water is not so cold, in summer gets even above twenty C.
There were maniacs surfing there in winter, but it's like 4 C... The best month is probably september maybe beginning of october. Water is about 13-14 so it's warm enough to surf in short swimsuit and waves are 3-4 ft. quite often.

By From the best surf island , 01-03-2007

what is thissss - These waves are better than Crete.I fill cold and frozen only if i look at them.Hot sea only in south island GREECE.

By , 05-08-2006

stuck in cracow - Please somebody let me know where and when do I catch some waves in Poland????

By , 21-05-2006

- hi i'm a polish guy living in india.i never knew there was surfing in poland untill just now.i'm coming for my summer holidays and would desperately want to surf in poland.i want to know if i have to bring a board along with me or can i get one over there ?when is the best time to come ?

By anonymous , 21-09-2005

peninsula - HEllo All,
Few weeks ago I wouldn't say that there is any chance for surfing on polish east coast. Finally I was out there instead of my windsurfing wave gear (as there was no wind. Hell of fun I must say and even do wheather its not perfect for surfing this place gave a lot of positive vibrations.
Regards to all..

By , 17-05-2005

Newbie needs place to surf/learn - I just finished a course in Brazil an am addicted to surfing, unfortunatly I live in the middle of the Praries and a long way from any water, let alone waves. I am heading to Poland, Sweden, and Germany to visit family next July/August. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good place for a beginner. Spain and Portugal are also an option.

By ARTI , 03-02-2005

filthy tubes have been had - I've had several sessions at a few locations in Poland where I surfed my arse off in perfect,glassy,sucky,3-footer barrels.More often it's wind blown,messy,closeouts with a strong side current that sends you paddling forever.It's fickle and summer only.

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