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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By davidcronk , 10-06-2012

Surfing in Poland - I would have thought from my experience that the only waves in Poland are produced by bad weather and winds rather than an ocean swell

By Patryk , 31-08-2008

OmG .... - It's so nice to know that it's possible 2 surf in Poland .. I'm coming back home in October and going 4 a surf in Baltic yeahhh...
Anybody fancy a surf ??
End of October till half of December ??
Mail me or text me 07706452165

By Anonymous , 05-07-2008

it is possible!! - no big waves, but this summer there will be even second surf competition (first in last year). :]

By Mateo , 21-10-2007

not really - it's not impossible to surf on baltic sea. swell is made mostly by wind so waves aren't as awesome as in ocean coastline. best waves are at the end of auqust (it's the best time, 'cause water isn't freezing. full suit with boots will do the trick) and something between february and may (don't know exactly, 'cause i've never been there in winter. water is too cold. however i know guys from norway, who surfing in 8/5mm wetsuit so cold water isn't a problem if you really want to surf).

By maniek , 18-10-2007

Polish surfers - hi,
I surf, but I have never had a chance to do it back home at teh Baltic coast. If you desperately want to surf in that area I suggest to go up to Sweden. I know some dudes from there and if you are willing to get into 4C liquid I can give you more details.

By Daraider , 16-08-2007

Hi there! - I'm a Spanish surfer now living in Warsaw and trying to find a spot in Poland.

If anyone wants to chat:

By Ian , 18-07-2007

Hey surfers! - Hi guys; I can't believe there may even be a spot to surf in Poland! I'm a British surfer now living in Malopolska; if anyone fancies a chat, email me,
Let me know if we canrent a board here??

By Anonymous , 02-11-2006

surfing in poland - Meaby in winter it'll be possible to surf there:)

By , 11-09-2006

welkom poland !!!!!! :-D - i want to go there for a trip surf ! if some one is frome poland and go often i want to meet you !


By , 11-07-2006

the foamrider - suppose thats the perfect place for us... the foamriders... so has anyone surfed there recently? any chance to rent a board on the polish coast?

bede wdzieczna za wiesci jesli ktos tam surfowal... i nie rozbil sie na falochronach...

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