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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By joao , 08-11-2009

movie in unstad - hi guys, i am going to unstad this winter. i intend to shoot a surf movie there and around lofoten and it would be nice to know someone who surfs out there previsouly. anyone here from unstad? w

By Anonymous , 08-03-2008

flaaaattttt - lots of hype on this place lately. it can be good, but it can be flat for weeks at a time, especially in sumer. campground is a claustrophopic little ghetto.....unstad can be windy, wet and cold for weeks on end, make sure ya have the monster propane heater set up in your rig and lots of books and no girlfriend with...

By runke kuken , 06-03-2008

don't go, - 2cold, 2expensive,2dark,2rainy,2unfriendly,2crowded

By ruahatu , 29-05-2007

wow - This is great... fabulous... not the swell size not the conditions nor nufin... it's just great cos its rather far north and the place all for yourself plus quite ridable...the nature is magnificent!!!..

By Anonymous , 28-04-2007

great waves - The waves are great there, no crowds but the downside of the place is that old women who works there with her husbond isnt very charming and doesnt know what service is, and locks the door to the kafe when you want some food because she'd rather sleep then serve food. I suggest if your heading up there during the summer that you make sure tommy and his wife are working and ill garantee a pleasant stay!

By not so lucky , 14-03-2007

it is - yeah...its really hit and gotta be pretty lucky to get some waves. you might spend your wad on getting there and not even get wet! If i lived there id have board handy, just in case.

By Anonymous , 31-01-2007

To Chris from Hawai in USA - I believe that you are American. Your spelling does not convince me though....

By a local , 01-12-2006

welcome! - I love this place, and you are all welcome to piss the water warmer!

By w , 21-11-2006

Im movin there - looks phukin good-greets from ya next local x

By Chris, USA, Hawaii , 10-11-2006

Best left in the world! - I'm totally agree whit you James! Was at Unstad for one week, and the swell was good and the break was insane! Never surfed longer tunes all over the world. Nice to surf this spot alone for a hole week :D

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