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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Slartibartfast , 27-08-2007

Yeah - The hostal people just came there a few years ago, and think they own the place. they don´t know very much about surfing, but sell the place eagerly by manipulating photos and lying about the temperature and wave-size on their web-site. they even claimed it was them on some photos they took of my friends.. don´t support these posers..

By Foto Juks , 26-08-2007

Boycot - Boycot the "strandro" surf hostel! They charge each person 300 NOK pr night, and have only cold water left in the shower for you.
What a scam! Also, some of the guys behind this sellout, claim to surf waves they dont paddle into, and photoshop themselves into barrels.


By , 27-02-2007

Aussie also - I'm an Aussie too who heads to Norway a fair bit to visit the inlaws, and will probobly live there soon. Ive given surfing a whirl here, and although waves arent much chop compared to home, they still help with withdrawels.

By islandwarrior , 06-01-2007

NOT! - It`s NOT the best spot in Norway!

By Erik , 08-11-2006

RULE! - Hoddevik rules! I was there with my friends Felix and Lukas in a few days. Its was so fun, so we gonna surf there ever breake we have of the school!

By Anonymous , 24-07-2006

Not worth a surf - all of norway - hej, jeg er australsk og bor i år i norge. Jeg elsker til å bor her men surfing suger i norge! Først der er ikke stor, og det er for kaldt! Jeg skal ikke i år, men vente til jeg flytte tilbake til Australia. Snowboarding i Norge er kjempe fint, mye bedre en surfing, med snø er fra desember til April, så snowboard. Snowboard i Stryn i sommer og hele norge i vinter

Hey, I'm an Aussie, living this year in Norway. I love to live here, but surfing sucks here! its never big, and too cold! Not gonna this year, gonna wait til i move back to Oz. Snowboarding is awsome, much better than surfing. Theres snow from December to April. Snowboard instead. You can do that the whole year, summer boarding in Stryn and all over in winter.

By gudmund , 25-03-2006

lofotn - it whas probobly som secret waves in lofoten sick reefs.
And the world record groundswell 26.2m are from the norh atlantik 60degrec north.

By anonymous , 20-03-2006

Thats not Hoddevika - That wave you are talking about is unstad

By dancin danny o'c the geordie crooner , 16-03-2006

- Is this the wave that was surfed by Spencer Hargreaves and Sam Lamiroy (UK) about 4 years ago that featured on a euro video (can't rememb its name!argh!) and then it was once again surftripped by a few more pros about two yeasr ago..made it into some mags? There's a fucking long right hand boulder reef that walls up and gets hollow when it gets over head high? Is this that wave? It certainly looks like it from the mouintains and set up...

By anonymous , 22-11-2005

- it`s good

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