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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Alex , 03-08-2002

It,s not clean;) - Surfing in Norway consists of several hours in a sweaty car, to a break that never breaks. Off course sometimes it does, but then it's a bumpy ride (and cold).
The good thing about surfing in Norway, is that the spots are seldom crowded, and the nature is wild and untouched. At least on the west coast. Go to Hoddevika (Maaløy). There you'll find good acommodation and nice surf. Specially in the wintertime. If you want a place to stay; ask for "Torkil" at the local gasstation, and they'll guide you.


By anonymous , 14-07-2002

no title - surfing in norway is inconsisten,t and the summer swells is very short. sometimes just a couple of hours to a maximum of about a week. In the wintertime the waves are there constantly and will be head-high and over all the time. The wind is strong in the winter and that along will limit surfing opportunities. The last two summer`s been great with a a lot of surf every week, small but surfable and fun. watch out for the flat summertime periods. A typical sumemr week will include about 3 days of decent surf (norwegian standard, meaning over 40 cm surfable waves)

By clif , 03-06-2002

surf in norway. - will be living in gothenberg, sweden from sept - dec. so will be travelling to norway for some surf. what is it like at that time ... honestly... and what wetsuit gear and thickness should i bring. note - i am going there for work just after 2 months in indo so i will probably feel the will swap info if you need it on aust or indo.

By Skint , 17-05-2002

Whoah - Great place, cool people.
Not sure about the surf, but food & especially alcohol
is VERY expensive.

By Carol , 30-04-2002

Can I have more info about surfing in Norway? - Hi buddies, I am Carol and I am working on my marketing research at the moment about surf shops located in Norway. I dont know much about this country but I would like to promote Mambo, which is an Australian streetwear and surf company to Norwegian people. I know it sounds bit strange like I am a marketer and stuff but I am a student only. If anyone has any ideas, would you please leave your message here or kindly email me at Many many thanks =)

By anonymous , 07-04-2002

norwegian surfing fun - surfing in norway is really great. its just a bit inconsistent. during summer june-august it`ll be like 5 days of surf over 30 cm. and the rest of the year it`s allways waves but generally quite windy. check out and for surf reports and info.
surfing is an extremely growing sport up here and everyones friendly. safest place on earth for beach camping!

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