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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 22-07-2003


We invited all new and old Surfers for a surfjam in Lofoten. The program are not finished yet, but there will be a longboard competition. Accomandation will be at Unstad camping in cabins. The starting fee will include both accomandation and food.
For further

Tommy & Vidar

By anonymous , 19-07-2003

Surfing in August? - Hey surfers from Norway! What's about the Stat-Landet peninsular (Fossarevet, Hoddevika, Ervika) - is it possible to catch some waves there in August? and an other question: if it's too windy to surf, possible to windsurf there? Thanks!

By anonymous , 17-07-2003

In the spirit of the Aussie... - I'm the guy that posted message 23, looking for a recommended summer tour of surf checks, and, in the spirit of the Aussie that posted below, I have information on surfing san francisco, for anyone that is interested.

By , 16-07-2003

Suggested summer surf spots??? - Can anyone recommend an itinerary for surf spots to check in early August? I won't be bringing any equipment, just checking the set-ups. I also won't have a car, so any recommendations of spots that are accessible by public transport would be appreciated. Thanks.

By Tommo , 13-06-2003

Spenkson point? - I know that no-one is going to tell me how to get to it, but how consistent/easy to get to is that crazy point setup thats known as 'Spenkson' (prob not real name). It's been in a couple of vids (lefthander in 'Back Nine' with Pancho Sullivan surfing?)

By , 30-05-2003

surf hire? - I am an Australian currently working in Bergen. I haven't surfed for a couple of years but am keen to get back amongst it. What i would like to know is if I can hire a board and wetsuit around the Stavanger region. It would also be great to catch up with some locals and find out just what sort of surf you get around here. I am also planning a trip to Southern France and could use some company and someone to split fuel costs with so if you are interested in any of this or just want to get the word on some great surf spots down under please get in touch. Tom

By anonymous , 11-05-2003

no title - u dont come to surf in norway if u dont live there, but if u do live here its good surf. but for shure it aint bali....

By grump , 09-05-2003

a bad joke - surfing in norway is a really, really bad joke. i know, i live there and "surf" there. spend your money on a trip to some warm location that has waves...

By anonymous , 01-05-2003

Visiting Norway. - You find surfshops in both Stavanger and Oslo, but yuo might be better of bringing a board from Canada. Its pretty expencive. The surf is just consistent during the winter, and most of the spots are on the south west and west coast. Stavanger is a good starting point.

By spoon foot , 29-03-2003

Never been there but I bet it doesn't. - I reckon I'd like it... surfed in cold empty places a lot and theres nothing better than a nice long clean empty reeling point break miles from anywhere and anyone if you ask me. Its places like that where if on rare occasions you do happen to meet other surfers, everyones stoked to see another face in the line up. Checking these message boards, its obvious in most parts of the world with "good" surf that vibe died in surfers a long time ago.

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