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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Wipeout , 25-03-2004

Wetsuit dec/jan - You would atleast need a 5 mm wetsuit, hood, gloves and boots. Most use 7/6/5 or hooded 6/4 mm's.

By anonymous , 15-03-2004

no title - I'm thinking about coming over to europe next dec/jan from Australia and thought that Norway would be a cool country to check out. Was just wondering if someone could tell me what sort of wetsuits you need for this time of year?

By Kyle , 17-01-2004

surf buddy - I have some how survived not surfing for 5 months. I am from oregon and have spent a lot of time in New Zealand. I have been in Sweden going to school and not been able to go surfing. I will be travling through Norway in feb. and would love to find some one to share some waves with and maby a beer and a few stories. I have a good wet suit, but all my boards are back home. Drop me a post if you are interrested. I would love to meet some surfers here in Scandanavia.


By Ernesto , 06-01-2004

Cold is cool - Hello from Stavanger

We do surf her and we surf alot. You might check up They will help you with all you need and there is a webcam of one nice beach for beginners. Of course Bali is nice, but this you do not know before you have tried surfing in Norway.

By Tom , 20-11-2003

Mr.Hobby man! - Uhh, Norway fires u fool.. you've obviously never seen any photos/film.

By norway is ok for surf , 19-11-2003

not surfing norway - surfing is NOT a hobby pussy.

By anonymous , 03-11-2003

no title - surf is ok in norway.

By anonymous , 31-10-2003

no title - your all fuking nuts. why would you ever surf in norway. theres got to be better hobbys. dont get me wrong i live to surf but if i lived there i wouldnt go anywhere near the water

By anonymous , 31-10-2003

no title - longboarding sucks. retard rehabilitation activity.

By , 22-07-2003


We invited all new and old Surfers for a surfjam in Lofoten. The program are not finished yet, but there will be a longboard competition. Accomandation will be at Unstad camping in cabins. The starting fee will include both accomandation and food.
For further

Tommy & Vidar

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