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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By bill or rippingsurfup @ facebook , 13-04-2007

waahoo - hay somebody im from torqauy surf capital of australia! moveing to stavanger for im not sure how long! im an exspirenst surfer wanting to know if a 4/3 seald steamer weat suit an bootys gloves would be warm enougth?? an also is it easy to get work in a surf skate store or an irish pub??

By , 16-03-2007

New in the country! - Hi to everyone! I'm from Spain, just a few months surfing, and I'm planning to move to Norway to work, in less than a year. I'd like to change experiences and meet people who likes surfing around there, so I can go surfing with, See u!

By , 23-11-2006

surfing LOFOTEN, norway - Hi!

I`m a 19 yeas old girl from norway, planning to do some surfing in lofoten after newyear. Im travelling alone, and would like someone to be in the water with, since I really dont know how to surf. Tryed once.. I`m from the west coast (Bergen) - but have been in lofoten for a cupple months. Going home for x-mas, and up again as soon as i can to do some real x-ploring of beautiful and powerful north.


By yellows , 11-09-2006

please advice us - Hello, Ifm e-mailing from Japan.
We are planning a trip on Nov that we want to go freezing area.
So we want to know what kind of equipment we need to surf (what kinda wetsuits we need etcc..).Then if someone had surfed in such freezing water, please give us some ideas how you keep warm in such area.
What do you take with you as your special idea to get warm after surf?
We need your help to make the trip great .
Please advice us.

By Roberta, , 20-06-2006

Surfing Norway in August! - Hi ya mates!I'm going to Norway for a couple of weeks,I went to Norway before but i never surfed! This time I'll be around Alesund and Trondheim most of the time and I will bring my full wetsuit because i must try surfing the norwegian coast!!! I'm coming from Italy, where surfing conditions are not that I'm used to any kind of spots!I'm still a beginner,do ya think Norway can be ok????? do ya know any place where I can hire a board for at least a couple of hours???anybody can give me a tips?????please contact me!!!thankssss lotssss! X

By jaco , 30-04-2006

Stokköya? - Havnt tried, but im going to!

By anonymous , 30-01-2006

cali surfer wave hunting - hey whats up i live california right now finshing school and planing surf trips for around the world. my grandfather was from norway and i was planing to come there any way but i didnt even think about surfing there until i found this site. any ways i wanted to know the spots to go the best time to go in the year and what style boards should i bring. im stoked that theres wave there i cant wait to get on them

By Lenin , 21-10-2005

lofoten - if you're up for it, lofoten has (by far) the best surf in norway...the fact that it is not mentioned attests to the fact that 1) most people are still unaware of it; 2) most people wdon't have the time to go there...still it is a joke to mention norwegian surfing without discussing the lofoten...

when you are there, respect the locals (there are a handful) and bring a relaxed attitude...this place is one of the last frontiers of surfing and does not need to be marred by a "brazilian"-type sensibility...

as for getting there, you got to figure it out for yourself, the way surf exploration is supposed to be! good luck!

By Osscar , 29-08-2005

Trondheim - Hello!
Has any of ya fellas surft north from Trondheim. Ive been checking the map and really think there must be spots around.


By , 21-08-2005

Anybody need a ride - I am currently studying in Ås 30min from Oslo, as you all know there is no surf here, so if anybody else in this region is feeling the urge for neoprene and want to get south west from Oslo for a weekend, mail me. Have a car and can fit about 4 boards on the roof, we can share petrol expences.

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