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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Ole , 19-12-2005

funny - its really funny seeing all this arguing of which country or which beach is the long as u are happy with ur surf,thats what matters.dont ever brag about how good ur place is!!!!!!!!!!!

By anonymous , 27-06-2005

dear traveller - Norway in the summer is pretty much flat.. August will have its days in stavanger. i'd rather go a little further to a nice island called Iceland. In Norway Stadlandet may be the most consistent spot but often crappy

By anonymous , 18-06-2005

respect for norway - australian aussi of 10 year old short mind! if crowded packed aussi waves are so good why do you bother look at this site!? Dear locals, I m Portuguese living in belgium/holland, surfing everywhere, and this summer I ll go for denmark and Norway. Are there good chances of waves in July/August?

By anonymous , 30-04-2005

worky work.... - what about jobs in stavanger??? I`m from sweden and i want to come to stavanger for work/surf..... Can you help me compadre??!!!

By Murf da Surf Smith , 01-12-2004

From Hermosa Beach California - Heck, I would go and surf it. How unreal surfing in Norway. Cheers to the Vikings!

By anonymous , 07-07-2004

- bore is the best!!!!

By anonymous , 25-02-2004

webcam -

By , 22-12-2003

NORSk SURFERS - I am Norwegian. I am 20 years old. I have lived in the USA my whole life, but in comparrison to surfing in USA westcoast top Norway, I would say that Norway is laid more laid back. Norwegians were raised off living and having fun on the ocean being Vikings and all. So we "norwegians" tend to have fun surfing instead of bring in surfing politics into the sport. Jeg likker surfing i norge mange betyr. Ja, vi elsket dette landet! Norsk STOTHOLT JA!!!!

By fuck off , 17-11-2003

no title - who cares. i am norwegian, my norwegian is good. my english is bad. how good is your norwegian?

By anonymous , 14-11-2003

no title - norwegian surfing shure ain`t about correct spelling either.

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