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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Alnes lighthouse


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By Anonymous , 08-06-2009

..... - thing is that us Norwegians have a thing with hype and fashion. We tend to hype things out of proportion, whatever fashion infuences get us from abroad well blow up. Same with surfing, the problem is that surfing and being on the surf hype is two different things. Combine this with a ragged coastline with very few surfable beaches, you have a crowd issue. but a very special norwegian one where most in the water have no clue but they dress the part. The few people surfing many years before the big hype are still there to quietly catch some waves, no scene, no stickers, no heyho I'm a surfer and the whole world should know. Just wetsuit board and go out in hailstorm and subzero degrees. Come summer hype sets in yet again. Is it really hard to understand the frustration of having your beach littered with everything and having to take the blame?

By Anonymous , 09-08-2008

norwegians - well, that's norway for you. sounds quite tipical norwegian. making up a problem where there is non, like crowded waves. localism comes in quite handy for most of them, as they are the rudest unfriendliest, least laid back bunch by nature. so they can mask it behind something they think is cool...dickheads. and with all the oilmoney they have they can afford to travel to whatever surfspots in the world and to the freeride resorts in the alps and expect there to be welcomed with open arms and treated like they godamn own the place while they behave like a bunch of morons. sorry got carried away a bit. just a bit frustrating sometimes. glad there are so many other nationalities living here. tip: stick to the swedes in norway. they are the better scandinavians. and cheers to the exceptions from the rules. also met a handfull of really cool norwegians.

By Anonymous , 02-10-2007

As if! - to my utterly suprise, the surfers around the anles/molde area are quite solid and tuned in on their waves, not letting any stranger get a piece of the action. Havent had any bad experiences though but I've heard of people getting shits from the locals for leaving garbage on the beach, putting surfbrand stickers on every roadsign, being rude to local farmers and not respecting general surf rules (specially those aplying for visiting surfers) That sucks! and no wonder their protective of their spot when mayority of visitors screw up their easygoing rep with the nonsurfing community living there. Ive done plenty surf travelling and this is very common, but I get treated like any other shithead visitor just cuz every other visitor is a shithead. And without realising it themselfes their the pricks, not the locals, theire just fed up with urban surferwannabees making everybody think that all surfers, locals included, litter the beach and being dickheads to whoever like ferrycrew, girl in local shop or whatever.... get a fakken grip or stay out people, and dont blame the locals, theire the ones cleaning up your poo!

By Anonymous , 10-08-2007

Unnecessary localism - It seems to me that the "locals" at some of the Norwegian surfspots is being slightly narrowminded and overdramatic. I can understand that the local surfers of the more known and thus crowded spots in south europe gets annoyed when hordes of tourists continuously comes to their home spot. This is generally not the case in Norway though, with a small amount of people keen enough to go surfing when the waves are good and the temperature gets low. I think the locals of the spots could be more forthcoming towards visiting surfers, instead of creating this "wannabe-localism".

By Anonymous , 14-04-2007

Locals - I went to this place 3 weeks ago.. Locals didn't give me one wave. Dropped in, and were total fucking idiots. Got out of the water after half an hour, only to see my tyres were flat, and windshield waxed down.. My shittiest surf experience ever! I would never recomend you go there.

By gudmund , 25-03-2006

wetsut - wintertime i yous 5/3 and 5mm boots, mittens and extra hooded shirt insaid wetsut. locols are nice pepol it is the wanabe locols from oslo and the east thet is stupid. i have seen killerwails when surfing but thay are harmles.

By anonymous , 06-09-2005

Sima Hildur - JAudå, i've been online for sann ca 100 år no! Yeah...
Ps, u need a 2 cm wetsuit to surf norway in the winter, knis:) wonder how the hardcore local crowd is like now, heard that it is realy SICK!

By Brad , 22-08-2005

Surfing here - Hi guys,

Locals or no locals all you have to do is respect people in the water, especially if you are travelling. If you do something stupid you're going to be hoping that a local will help you out. Anyway, I'm planning an epic Euro surf trip next year and was wondering whether my 5mm suit will be enough here. Also, is there much in the way of night life anywhere around? I'm originally from South Africa but live in Sydney now so I guess it will take a while to get used the temperature.

By anonymous , 10-08-2005

hm.. - when the hell did u get online, sima hildur? heh;)

By , 24-02-2005

locals - you think that a local is one of thoes that wen you go try go in the warter they punch you. thats not a local! locals are people that arent jurks not these pertending locals. locals are people that wen someone (most of the times tourist) wenn you steal there waved they send you out the locals that kik you out because they want you they are bigheaded jurks! you dont know the true meaning of locals at lest spanish people including the french are reasonable locals ask a local on any website of spain or france that if they wyd kik you out because they feel like it they allnswer no those people are just jurks!

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