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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Ter heijde


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By Anonymous , 16-10-2007

- BTW, the only facilities available during the beach season are showers (free) and toilettes (50 eurocent).
During the summer season there are also bars and snack shops, even a very good restaurant. But the summer season is also the worst season for surfing in Holland...

By Anonymous , 16-10-2007

- The facilities are only available during the beach season, roughly from May until end of September.

By Anonymous , 14-09-2007

facilities - Are there any facilities (shower, cabines, lockers)at the Ter Heijde spot?

By Heller , 24-06-2006

Surfing in Holland is fun - Surfing is about having fun and this is something you can certainly have in Dutch surf. Not all that often but often enough. And this comes from some one who originally comes from surf city South Africa Durban!! You can go out there on a reasonable day and easily catch up to ten rides within the hour. Small but nice and lots of fun. Oh yes, I do prefer a longboard here in Holland, you can catch lots more waves and amake long enjoyable rides. A good wetsuit is a must. So all the negative dudes... fuck off while we have fun!!!

By , 30-12-2004

Holland - Low pressure systems that pass Scotland/ Iceland can bring Holland 2/2,5 meters of clean waves. South-western swell can bring good waves to the north of Holland. The Isles in the north catch any swell. This year I have caught 5 barrels in Holland. There is nice surf around three times a month. Maasvlakte has sandbars that give you 150 meter rides. Scheveningen is the best, but the most crowded. The province of zeeland is a still quite unexplored place. Usually from the end of august uge lows pass our North Sea. Usually you have two or three days of offshore/no wind after.From then till april is the best season. From december its fuckin cold.

Dutch surfers travel a lot. We have all seen France and the north of spain. Now we are going further. We are used to cold weather and are capable of surfing smaller waves. We also get more excited when waves are good. It's not so bad for a surfer in Holland!

By Ton , 16-06-2004

Gelul - Jezus wat een gelul in het engels, hier komen toch zeker alleen maar Nederlanders, er is toch zeker niemand op deze planeet die naar Ter Heijde gaat zoeken.
Al goed, vandaag was het helemaal super een vette 1,5 meter en helemaal ( ff een Engels woord ) clean.

By anonymous , 21-04-2004

shut the fuck up everybody - holland gets good surf quite often
'shut up mother fuckers you will be a good surfer when you even can crappy waves. you will learn about it

By anonymous , 07-08-2003

Needs new rating - I teach a mate of mine how to surf at Ter Heijde.
Need I say more!!

By piet , 17-07-2003

piet - there is deffinately a real good surf on holland, don't talk so much crap, just come over and you will see it yourself

By Marijke (yes I know...) , 16-04-2003

no title - Hi Surfers! I live in Ter Heijde...and don't come and waist your time and money here. There are NO waves! If there is a storm..sure...where the hell not on shore. But it's just in the winter you'll find some...and I mean some, waves. Go to Hawaii or Australia..but don't waist you time here.
Greets, Marijke

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